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Senator Wesseh’s office counters UP

The office of River Gee County Senator Comany B. Wesseh has termed as irresponsible, reckless, brazenly arrogant and act of radicalism, comments attributed to ruling Unity Party (UP) Chair Wilmont Paye in which he accuses the lawmaker and his wife Mrs. Medina Wesseh of attempting to destroy the UP.

Sen. Wesseh’s office issued the statement on Monday, 28 August following a publication by the NewDawn, containing Mr. Paye attacks against the Wessehs on allegation of directing negative publications against the party through this paper.

The statement under the signature of Senator Wesseh’s communication officer Mr. C. Anderson Chea says the sweeping statement coming from the UP Chairman published in the Monday, 28 August edition of the New Dawn newspaper, has no decent respect for the two senior members of the party, Mr. and Mrs. Wesseh.

Sen. Wesseh’s office insists that the UP chair’ action is not only intended to spoil the over 40 years of friendship between Senator wesseh and UP presidential candidate Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, but to also bring a big division in the party.

Mr. Anderson calls on all UP partisans not to give any credence to Mr. Paye’s statement, on grounds that he is a radical partisan whose work is helping to disintegrate the ruling party.

He charges Mr. Paye with having a mischievous purpose and therefore looking for a scapegoat for his weakness as a political leader. The statement adds that though Senator Wesseh and his wife, Mrs. Medina Wesseh are out of the country for important engagements that are meaningful to the country, the Senator’s office deems the accusation as grave and one that is taken seriously.

The statement furthers that anything that stirs up hatred among the people of the UP to deliberately attract someone or group to only win the love of senior partisans, is the irresponsible behavior of the UP Chairman which could hinder the future of the party.

Mr. Anderson suggests that some concrete actions are needed to be taken by the party executive committee members and the national Campaign Team. He describes Mr. Paye’s statement as a negative campaign and smear propaganda against the Wesseh family, masterminded by the UP chair and others to gain favor from the Standard Bearer.

He concludes that the intent of such action is to discredit the good efforts of Senator Wesseh and his wife, considering the level of work they have done over the 12 years to make the Unity Party stronger.–Press release

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