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Simeon Freeman attacks Brumskine

Businessman-turned politician Simone Freeman has attacked the standard bearer of the Liberty Party (LP) Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, saying Brumskine lacks sincerity and the people of Liberia cannot trust him with the presidency.

Mr. Freeman, leader of the Movement for Progressive Change or MPC claims Cllr. Brumskine has become a praise-singer for President Sirleaf simply because he could not be trusted with leadership.

The MPC leader launched the stinking attack against the LP standard bearer on Monday, April 17, in a news conference held at his party’s headquarters in Airfield, Monrovia.
Dressed in a blue coat suit, he expressed frustration over Cllr. Brumskine’s alleged failure to speak on behalf of the people of Grand Bassa County at the time they need him most.

Both Simeon and Cllr. Brumskine hail from the same county, but political bad blood has kept them apart. “This guy got up in 2011 campaign, saying all of the worse things about President Sirleaf, after the election, whatever they gave him that fill his mouth encouraged him that he took her (President Sirleaf) to Bassa and raised her hand in the air, something, which was against the interest of the people of Bassa. This is what I call lack of sincerity”, he explains.

He continued that after the re-election of Madam Sirleaf, Brumskine, who used to be active in Grand Bassa, challenging excesses of the Liberia Agriculture Company and other companies operating in the county, was nowhere to be found.
However, he noted that Cllr. Brumskine was now a praise-singer for the Sirleaf administration, which Mr. Simeon described as hopeless government that has led the country to abject poverty.

“This is a government that exploited US$1.1 million logging forest that no other government had done in the history of this country, we cannot borrow again, nothing else we can do, what is the agenda that you’re going to continue on that encourage you to praise Ellen, this is a guy, who today, doesn’t want to be president, and the next day he wants to be president, today, he’s going to push Ellen’s agenda as he claim, yesterday, Ellen was a devil, what kind of man is this Brumskine? We say don’t waste our time.”
He says Brumskine, was hurting himself by believing that President Sirleaf could trust him, saying “then you are under joke in every respect, I think you should just go and rest, because there is no room for you in this political arena, and that’s why I seem to agree with Senator Prince Johnson.”

According to Mr. Freeman, Senator Johnson’s assertion that it is about time a native Liberian be elected as the next President, is not divisive, asking “What is wrong with country people saying it is time that they lead?”

He argues that in the entire history of leadership in Liberia, slain President Samuel Kanyon Doe was the only native Liberian who became President, “but today you have a lot more educated people, when Nelson Mandela said it was time for the black to rule there were nothing wrong with that, now when somebody says it’s time that the country people rule then someone is affected, but when you look in the race, it is being dominated by ‘conkor people’ and this is not the way it should be.”

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By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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