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Superintendents honor Ellen

Outgoing President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf has been honored by superintendents and their assistants from Liberia’s 15 counties in appreciation of her leadership and the great improvements the country has had during her administration.

At the event in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County Thursday, 18 January, the Superintendents cited the Sirleaf Administration’s construction of County Service Centers, road connectivity, improvement in the educational system and human resource capacity development and the execution of County Development Fund through government’s Decentralization Policy, among others to impact the lives of the people.

On behalf of the Superintendents, Maryland County Superintendent Madam betsy Kuo said the move to honor the president at a retreat was due to the fact that she had made them proud.

Madam Kuo thanked President Sirleaf for the opportunity given the superintendents to serve their country and people, adding that she will be remembered for freedom of speech, bringing women to prominence and empowering them, among others.

They also gowned US Ambassador to Liberia Madam Christine Elder in recognition of her work to the government and people of Liberia. Receiving the honor, President Sirleaf thanked the County Superintendents, saying she should be the one thanking them for joining her to help serve the country.

She describes the day as a “bittersweet day,” noting that it is sweet because the superintendents “are here” and “because we have accomplished so much together.”

“We can’t tell it all, we cannot enumerate it, we cannot identify it, but everybody as they travel around the country will see it, they will feel it,” she says amidst hands of applause.

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The President tells the Superintendents that government’s agenda was more extensive than what “we achieved,” but within what they had and with their strength, commitment and dedication and hard work, they came a long way.

She says with due respect to all Liberia’s partners, no one will develop Liberia except Liberians take primary responsibility to develop the country. She cautions that while some of the superintendents may not continue in government after her regime, they must quickly find their new road and a new way to continue to contribute to their country’s development.

By Winston W. Parley-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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