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UL honors, retires long-service staff

The University of Liberia (UL) retires several long-service staff and honors others for their dedication to duty over the years.Ceremony marking the occasion took place recently at the Fendall Campus of the UL, outside Monrovia.

According to a press release, the honorees served the state-run university from 12 to 53 years. UL President Dr. Ophelia InnezWeeks, describes the event as very important, noting that it was in recognition of the time and dedication of their respective capacities to the University.

Dr. Weeks says it was their contributions together with others that have got the university where it is today, adding that a professor is not better than a janitor because they all have significant roles to play in the administration of the university.

She lauds the honorees and their families for their time rendered the University, while encouraging them to always stop by whenever there was a need to do so.
The honoring and retirement of long-service staff is an annual event that concludes commencement activities of the UL. This year’s honoring program was the first for Dr. Weeks since her inauguration as president of the university in September.

Earlier, the visiting Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Federal Republic of Nigeria Professor A. Idowu Olayinka, notes that whatever the UL must have achieved over the last 98 years of its existence can be attributed to the people who are serving the institution.

“Without human capital no institution can succeed,” Professor Olayinka expresses and thanks the retirees and the administration for the program, while promising to take the idea to his university upon return to Nigeria.

Responding on behalf of the honorees, a former maintenance officer of the Plant Operation Department of the UL, Mr. Peter Tomah, commends the university’s administration for the honor bestowed on them.

Mr. Tomah, who served the university for 53 years, says he did so because of his passion to serve his people and country. He, among other things, urges the university to review some of the courses that are being taught as electives to be offered as major courses, noting that some of them could be areas from which graduates could make their living. Meanwhile, the UL retires 18 professors and staff, including three females, after long-service. Press Release

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