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US humanitarian group to assist disadvantaged youths

A US – based organization under the banner Sons and Daughters of Kings and Queens has disclosed here that it is embarking on an initiative aimed at providing training for disadvantaged youth here in Liberia.

The US group says the training will target people often referred to as zogos. The organization remains confident that disadvantaged youths can contribute to the decision making of Liberia when they are given the chance to acquire skills.

Mr. Joe Wooley, National Chairman of the Rehabilitation Self- empowerment and Reintegration or RSR told the NewDawn newspaper Tuesday, 28 March on the grounds of the Capitol Building in Monrovia that his coming to Liberia was to bring relief to drug addicts who are on the streets.

“If you notice the number of youth that are in the streets, and other communities as a result of drugs, [it’s] too much and we thought that by coming to Liberia through some engagement from other key stakeholders, [we] will put some measures in place that will help in addressing problems faced [by] the disadvantaged youths”, he said.

Mr. Wooley says his organization came to Liberia purposely to contribute to the transformation of disadvantaged youth. He says he was invited here by key stakeholders to assess the situation faced by disadvantaged youth and to assist with solution to some of the problems, particularly concerning drug addiction.

Upon his arrival here, Mr. Wooley says he visited to some unspecified grave site where some drug addicts are living, giving them encouragement that they still have a chance to build their lives.

He says if nothing is done about drug abuse, it could cause a major problem that may not affect only the youth, but the country as well. Concerning his organization, Sons and Daughters of Kings and Queens, Mr. Wooley says it has an academy in the US that been running for 22 years, and has been involved with the transformation of addicts and making them a better people.

“Since we got here we were able to establish an organization called the Rehabilitation Self – empowerment and Reintegration of the lost youth of Liberia or RSR”, he said.
By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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