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“We are all insecure”

-Boakai alarms

Former Liberian Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai has flagged the insecurity of everyone in Liberia due to an ineffective governance system which according to him cannot protect the people, and the government’s failure to resolve crimes that have been committed.

“The system is down because the governance system is not effective, it’s not monitoring. I mean people in this country, we’re just living. I tell everybody, we are all insecure because there is no system in place,” Mr. Boakai said Wednesday, 26 May during a live talk show on Sky FM in Monrovia.

“You say governance, the rule of law, all of the murders that have taken place here you can’t even find them out because people believe that they will just go away,” the opposition Unity Party (UP) political leader continued in his criticisms against President George MannehWeah’s Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) – led government.

Mr. Boakai who seeks to contest the 2023 presidential election as Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) standard bearer has also decried the “unsolved crimes in this country,” warning that if you cannot find out about something that happened yesterday, you give people the open room to commit more crimes.

The opposition leader’s perspectives about the CDC – led government’s approach in dealing with crimes here could bring to memory the controversial deaths in 2020 of four auditors in sequence during a crucial period of investigation surrounding alleged financial scandals in the country.

Though the government did not find foul play in the deaths of all of the auditors, the general public remains apprehensive over these incidents. Additionally, the deaths of three other young men in October 2020 while allegedly undertaking a contractual duty with St. Moses Funeral Home proprietor Mr. Moses Ahoussouhe in Bong Mines further heightened fears of insecurity here, though none of these incidents led to any charges and prosecution of a suspect.

Meanwhile, Mr. Boakai believes that crimes are not being resolved here because the system is not effective.

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“People are insecure in this country; armed robbery, you might see it occur, but things will occur. The problem is how do you stop them?” Boakai noted, suggesting further that this is so because you don’t have a system in place and the right people in place to investigate.

“The police are not being looked after properly, so you look in the streets when you drive in the streets, where are the police? Go in the street corners, where are they?” he wondered.

Moreover, Boakai has contended that the people here are suffering and hospitals are not working, alarming that the streets are disorderly and the city is filthy.

Talking about the government’s approach to employment, Mr. Boakai criticizes the government for employing young people without creating a learning environment for them.

“Even people who are working, what are they learning? Just because you sit you think you are working? Will your CV (Curriculum Vitae) tomorrow show that you doing something? We are in a serious trouble,” he noted.

“People might think … they are doing work, I mean, take the economy for example, most of these public corporations where you supposed to have about 50 people, you got about 200 people. People think that this is what you call employment,” he continued. By Winston W. Parley

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