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“We’ll not have military coup again”

Maryland County Senator Gble-bo Brown says Liberia is on an irreversible path and will no longer subject itself to military coup or remove its leaders from power through violent means. He said this is why Liberians who are dissatisfied with people in the current leadership must partake in the ongoing voter registration process to consider the ballot box as the only means to remove them from power.

“So we will not have military coup again. Liberia will not have military coup; we will not have violence where we will overthrow one another and say okay, we don’t want you. The constitutional means is
through elections”, Sen. Brown told citizens on Tuesday morning, 21 February while appearing on a local radio talk show in Monrovia.

“The only means according to our Constitution where we can replace them, where we can exercise change is through the ballot box; through the ballot box. But Julius, Julius, if they refuse to do that then
those who they [do] not want will remain in power because they will be … re-elected by their people”, Sen. Brown added.

While admitting that there are challenges in the ongoing voter registration process here, Sen. Brown equally argued that no reason could justify “our default” not to participate in the process on grounds that it is a civic responsibility.
While pleading with Liberians to do everything in their power to register within the time prescribed by the National Elections Commission or NEC to be eligible to vote. Sen. Brown wondered where in the world that one could find a perfect system.
He urged Liberians to continue changing leaders through voting process until they can finally elect the kind of people that will satisfy them, rather than boycotting elections process.

Touching on the roads conditions in southeastern region earlier, Sen. Brown warned that if works are not done, Maryland, River Gee, Grand Kru and Grand Gedeh counties could be cut off.
He says the main highway from Harper in Maryland to River Gee border where the Chinese are working is still to a large extent in tight, but contends that it cannot sustain Marylanders. He says heavy down pour of rain has been one of the major
problems confronting the roads networks in the southeastern region.

He says in Maryland County, people now have lot of superstition about the rain to the extent that the Chinese company that is doing the road from Harper to Karloken have asked the county authorities and the
Ministry of Public Works to call the traditional people to [consult]. Having witnessed a heavy downpour of rain with thunder and lightening a day before leaving Maryland county about a week ago, Sen. Brown described the situation there as scarring.-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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