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AEL to continue humanitarian services in Bong

The Association of Evangelicals of Liberia (AEL) with support from Mission Alliance, a Norwegian – based humanitarian organization has pledged its continued support to the livelihood of the Liberian people.

With the unbending support of Mission Alliance, AEL through its Wash in Bong Project continues to render humanitarian assistances to the people of Liberia, providing safe drinking water, hand washing facilities, and latrine, among others.

AEL is the largest network of churches and agencies of evangelical persuasion in Liberia responding to human needs with spiritual guidance and compassion.

The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) which was formed on 26th February 1966 at Limuru, Kenya, during a meeting of 102 evangelical Christian leaders from 23 Countries gave birth to the Liberia AEL.

According to statistics, the Christian organization constructed 17 hand pumps with several other hand washing facilities and latrine in Zota District, Bong County in 2017. Speaking during a meeting organized by AEL in Bellefania, Zota Distract, AEL Wash Officer and Program Coordinator Rev. Ebenezer Binda stated that the institution stands to continue its humanitarian assistance to the people of the County.

Mr. Binda says they have worked with local government officials to ensure that the numbers of targeted communities increase to 15 in the District.
According to him, facilities constructed by AEL are all functional across the district.

Speaking earlier, Mission Alliance Countries Director for Liberia and Sierra Leone Mr. Rone Oygard guaranteed more supports from the people and government of Norway to Liberia.

He says the government of Norway is always eager to support country like Liberia and Sierra Leone for the improvement of lives of the two countries’ citizens.

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Gbarnga–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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