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Alumnus donate 20 microscopes to CU

An alumnus of Cuttington University and former state run – University of Liberia (UL) president Dr. Emmet A. Dennis has donated 20 pieces of brand new modern microscopes to the College of Natural Sciences named after him at the Cuttington University (CU).
He made the donation recently when he paid a courtesy visit at the University’s main campus in Suakoko, Bong County, in the presence of members of the Board.

Speaking in an interview with reporters during the donation, Dr. Dennis noted his emotional attachment to CU and his employment history at the institution.He says naming the Emmet A. Dennis College of Natural Sciences after him in February 2018, will always be his greatest honor to contribute to the University the little he can with his widow’s mite.

According to him, the donation of the microscopes is his own way of reciprocating to his Alma Mater, hoping that students specializing in the natural science courses will significantly benefit from these modern scientific equipment.He alluded to the fact that he was partly born at Cuttington, stressing that both his brother and late father graduated from CU.

Dr. Dennis averred that seeing where the Liberia came from as a nation, there have been struggles to give substantive degrees in the natural sciences.He asserts that “Many times, some of our science courses are primarily lecture courses and the students do not actually discover for themselves in laboratory the insight they learn in the classroom.”He observes that students read but they do not understand how it works in practice.

According to Dr. Dennis, with the aid of the microscopes, students will be able to make good application of what they are taught during classroom lectures.He suggests that the microscopes, if properly used, will enhance the students’ learning process.

In 1961, Dr. Dennis obtained his Bachelors’ degree in Biology at Cuttington University and later returned to work for the institution for two successive years upon attaining his doctorate degree.During his stay at Cuttington, he served as faculty and later became Chairman of the Biology Department and Head of the CU Faculty.Meanwhile, the 20 pieces of microscopes have been valued over US $10,000.00.

Receiving the donated equipment, CU president Dr. Herman B. Browne lauded Dr. Dennis for his kind gesture to the University, and promised to ensure that students of the College use them well.At the same time, he expressed great delight on behalf of the University for the donation made by the former UL President.

Dr. Browne added that the microscopes will equip and improve the science laboratory in the Science College.He concludes that the donation will also provide students of the college the opportunity to practical competence to compete with their counterparts.

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Dr. Browne formally presented the 20 pieces of microscopes to the vice president for administration Mr. A. Orea Wright and the associate vice president for academic affairs Mrs. Barbara W. Kennedy.The microscopes were subsequently entrusted to the care of the Dean of the Emmet A. Dennis College of Natural Sciences, Mr. Flomo L. Gbawoquiya.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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