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Amb. Barnes withdraws presidential bid

-Remains committed to uplifting the Nation

Former Liberian Ambassador to the United States M. Nathaniel Barnes has announced his withdrawal from the upcoming presidential election.

In a heartfelt decision that weighed the best interests of the nation, Ambassador noted: “I have critically scanned the political landscape, the needs of our people, and the challenges we face in maintaining stability, creating opportunities, and building prosperity in our country.

 “And as a deeply spiritual person, I arrived at the conclusion, along with my wife, that it would not be prudent to continue this quest. Therefore, with the utmost respect for the democratic process and the will of the people, and after deliberate introspection and consultation with my campaign team, family, and advisors, I have determined that the best course of action at this time is to withdraw my attempts to participate in the race for President of Liberia, Barnes said.

Barnes went on to express profound gratitude and appreciation to his invaluable supporters, who have been an integral part of his journey thus far.

“I deeply appreciate the unwavering support that I have received from my campaign volunteers, donors, and voters who believe in my vision for a brighter Liberia,” he said. “Please know that this decision was not made casually, but after prioritizing the best interest of my beloved Liberia and its beautiful, resilient citizens.

Your dedication, passion, loyalty, and tireless efforts have been instrumental in propelling this campaign forward, and your commitments will forever be cherished. I pray for your continued support going forward.”

Although no longer pursuing the presidency, Barnes remains fully committed to the values and principles that have guided his ambition and has pledged to remain an active contributor to the causes and issues that matter most to the Liberian people. “My withdrawal does not mean I have given up on Liberia—I never will. While I may not occupy the highest office, I firmly believe that change begins at every level of society.

This country still needs honest, humble, courageous and disciplined patriots to participate in its success. I will continue to do so as an agent of positive change, promoting the interest of the people,” he said. This means championing the crusade for more investment in Liberia resulting in employment, and creation of real and sustained wealth specifically for Liberians.

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Barnes extends his well wishes to the remaining candidates as they continue their campaigns,

urging them to remain focused on the needs and aspirations of the Liberian people. He also

encourages voters to remain engaged and informed, emphasizing the importance of participating in the democratic process to shape the future of the nation.

“The decision to withdraw from the presidential race weighs heavily on my heart and marks a

significant turning point in my political journey,” he said. “But I remain motivated and optimistic about the future. Together, as one united nation in harmony, we can overcome our present challenges and achieve a just, inclusive, and prosperous society.”

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