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Bassa residents condemn proliferation of political parties

NEC Liberia NDSome residents of Grand Bassa County have begun condemning the proliferation of political parties here ahead of the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections.

The past months have witnessed the registrations of new political parties among them the All Liberia Party or ALP of businessman Benoni Urey, a former ally of jailed ex-President Charles Taylor. Grand Bassa County District#1 former representative aspirant, Jackie Smith and an eminent son Isaac Bannie told journalists in an interview on Thursday that although article 77(a) of the Liberian constitutions supports the establishment of these political movements but some were not living to its spirits and intends.

Article 77 (a) of the Liberian constitution states: “since the essence of democracy is free competition of ideas expressed by political parties and political groups as well as by individuals, parties may freely be established to advocate the political opinions of the people”.

“The future of our country depends on the seriousness of the politicians and citizenry as a whole, I see it as a way, most of them are trying to gain political relevant, rather than being competent enough, because to be a President for this country, obviously people have to see your trade mark,” Mr. Smith explains.

The former Grand Bassa County District #1 aspirant noted that the actions of those that continue to establish political parties have great effect on the political atmosphere of the country instead of aligning with already existing parties to determine the future of the country after the leadership of the current government.

Smith said there have been a rise in the number of individuals vying for the Presidency or the vice and other political positions over the years but said that the intentions of these individuals are to gain political relevant for jobs in future government.

Speaking further Mr. Smith said, the proliferation of political parties for selfish reasons is not healthy for the political process and interest of the country. He said the best way forward is for everyone to join ranks in term of forming coalitions and alliances. “I think it is the multiparty system suffering us today” he noted.

He added that it is time the international community pay serious attention as the country will be having its first transition as Madam Sirleaf will be leaving power comes 2018. “The international community has put a lot in this country, I think it is time the international community get more serious; Take us more serious to lead us through that process because anything on the contrary could probably lead us back to conflict,” he said

For his part Mr. Isaac Bannie explained that more of the political parties are one man show and are often carry in brief cases for business purposes ignoring the actual objective for which they are established. He said the manner and style in which some of these parties are established are gradually depreciating the value of politics thereby making other countries to take Liberian politicians as jokers.

“If your party has edge over a political sub-division of this country and if you don’t succeed in the first round, the person who comes first will call you to a round table discussion and may be give you certain thing and immediately you go back to the people with the same person you said was not in their interest, this shows that you are unserious, and this is not in the interest of the people” he asserted.

BySampson G. David – Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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