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Bong citizens demand caucus to restitute US$25,000

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Several residents of Bong County are calling on the county’s Legislative Caucus to restitute US$25,000 allegedly given to the County Superintendent Esther Walker to purchase a vehicle.

The calls come a week after Representative Robert Womba of District #4 disclosed that the county credited the superintendent to buy the vehicle she currently rides.

Rep. Womba acknowledged that the caucus violated the budget law of the country by giving US$25,000 to the superintendent but said it was important because she needs to keep inspecting projects that are being undertaken by the Project Management Committee.

However, speaking to our Bong County correspondent, the citizens said the action of the caucus is unacceptable and is only intended to exploit taxpayers’ money.

They said there is a need for the caucus to restitute the money or it will face a frantic force before the county sitting.

According to them, they would disrupt the upcoming county sitting if the money is not given back to the project management committee (PMC).

“Despite being lawmakers, they do not own Bong County. Why will they even keep treating us in this manner?

Why will they take our money to buy [a] car for someone who is in the employ of the government?” Flomo Gatala, one of the citizens asked.

Our Bong County correspondent said the Ministry of Internal Affairs provided a Toyota pickup for the superintendent in 2018, but the whereabouts of the vehicle are yet to be known.–By Joseph Titus Yekeryan, Edited by Winston W. Parley

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