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Bong residents appreciate Sen. Taylor

Residents of Bong County have expressed appreciation to the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the level of development and awareness it has created regarding the electoral process.They have expressed excitement and joy by the visit of the CDC’s Vice Standard Bearer, Sen. Jewel Howard – Taylor, saying it is time for Bong County to rally around the CDC to ensure Bong gets its first vice president – who is a women’s rights champion.

“We are happy to see our daughter and believe in her leadership. This is the best chance we have as a county to have a vice president from our county and her constant engagement with us proves her readiness to take on the country’s second most powerful seat,” a prominent citizen said.

Sen Taylor has returned to Monrovia after a weeklong intensive engagement and community outreach across Bong County. The CDC strong woman took the message of PEACE to her people, reminding them of their rights and responsibility to participate in elections and decision making.

The CDC’s Vice Standard Bearer, also senior senator of Bong County informed her people of current prevailing situation regarding the electoral process and called for calm as Liberians look forward to the runoff election.

The tour took her through Kpaii, Kokorya, Togbagblee, Gbenequelleh, Jorquelleh, Gbecon, Boinsein administrative districts, Kokorya district; gold camp (MNG), Botota, Togbagblee district; Zoweinta, Kpaii district; Garmu, Panta, Naamah, Zota and Kpanyan, among others.

She has dispelled widespread rumors of war and instability in Liberia and reechoed the message of peace, unity and hope under the CDC led Government. She called on supporters, well-wishers and partisans of the CDC to remain calm, peaceful, patient and use every necessary nonviolent approach as they engage with others. The tour of Bong County continues.–Press release

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