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Candidate’s trial suspended for two months

The Criminal Court “C” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia has suspended the trial of indicted Montserrado County District #4 representative candidate Cecelia Siawan Teah for two months to enable her prepare for the hearing and determination of the matter.

Judge Yussif D. Kaba on Wednesday, 20 September reassigned the case for 14 November at 10 a.m. which will be after the presidential and representative elections following the indictee’s request for one month to prepare herself.

Defendant Teah stands trial for theft of property and misapplication of entrusted property based on accusation of allegedly misapplying US$72,500 between November 2016 and March 2017 while serving as fiduciary or trustee for Gbola Oladele.

She is alleged to have encouraged Gbola Oladele and was appointed representative of Basilia Resource Group with authorization to an account for the group at the United Bank for Africa (UBA) into which cash transfer of US$78,000 was allegedly made.

Prosecution says defendant Teah misapplied a total of US$72,500.00, depriving private prosecutor Gbola Oladele of the use of his properties.

While granting the indicted representative candidate two months to prepare herself for the case, Judge Kaba however says the continuous assignment of the matter without a hearing is seriously not countenance by the Court.

Prior to being granted two months, defendant Teah had earlier informed the Court on Tuesday, 19 September that she was changing her counsel due to his demand for US$5,000 down payment and his lack of interest in her case.

“I have decided to change Attorney Joseph S. Doe of the Foundation Law Services, Inc. because he is not legally expressing interest in my case and further, he is demanding Five Thousand United States Dollars (US$5,000.00) down payment for legal representation in the below captioned case,” she wrote the Court on Tuesday, 19 September.

In its decision, the Court takes into consideration defendant Teah’s right to counsel for fair adjudication of the matter, though it warns that “the unjustifiable delay of the matter on the excuse that Counsel is not available cannot be condoned by the Court.”

By Winston W. Parley

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