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CDC jitters over alliance

The governing Coalition for Democratic Change appears to be unease over news here of three opposition political parties, including the former ruling Unity Party forming an alliance to speak on issues confronting Liberia. The other two parties are Alternative National Congress and Liberty Party.

The parties have announced they would issue a joint statement in Monrovia today, Thursday, highlighting major issues of national concern. But reacting to the news, Coalition chairman Mulbah Morlu brands critics of the George Weah-led government as ‘group of hustlers’ who lost track of good governance for decades.

He says negative propaganda coming from the opposition community is intended to attract attention and seek relevance at the expanse of the government.Addressing a news conference Tuesday, 5th June at the CDC headquarters in Congo Town outside Monrovia, Morlu notes that members of the opposition are playing blind game with today’s realities, bragging that achievements of the Weah administration in just few months are things former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf could not achieve in 12 years.

He argues that early foreign investments attracted by the CDC-led government beat the imagination of many individuals, including the “few opposition” parties that have formed an alliance to negatively take on the government.

He maintains they will be fruitlessly busy criticizing while the CDC government will be positively busy working in the interest of the Liberian people.“What this government has done in few months period, past administrations, including the just recent of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s could not achieve. They are criticizing because their means of stealing the Liberian people’s money are over. While they are causing noise, we will be here working to improve the livelihood of our people. Our concern is the Liberian people who have given us the constitutional authority to lead them for the next six years,” he reacts.

According to him, those criticizing lack moral grounds because their past histories are ‘dirty’ and unpleasant in the eyes of the public.He alleges that the Liberty Party’s ex-Standard Bearer Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine caused a commercial bank to go bankrupt thru bad debts, but the New Dawn has not independently verified his assertion.

Commenting on the Alternative National Congress, which is an offspring of President Weah’s Congress for Democratic Change, Chairman Morlu, in a smear campaign, further claims that ANC chair Mr. Orashell Gould was thrown out of Cuttington University for academic fraud.

As for the former ruling Unity Party, he says the UP is crowded with ‘criminals’ who depleted the country’s coffers in the past 12 years. He brags that no one in the opposition community has moral grounds to question the hard earned character of President Weah.

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By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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