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China Aid projects in full swing

Construction works are rapidly progressing at the China Aid to Liberia Ministerial Complex and Capital Building Annex projects, contrary to report suggesting that work had stopped due to some differences between Chinese expatriates and Liberian workers.

The Ministry of Public Works told journalists recently that construction work on the buildings expected to house the Ministries of Education, Commerce, Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) have reached 40 percent completion.

Public Works Ministry Assistant Chief Architect Mr. Winnerfor Prout Richards says the Ministerial Complex project which started on 25 October 2016, would be officially completed and turned over to the Liberian government on 24 August 2019.

Leading journalists on a guided tour of the facilities, he says electrical works have been completed already, indicating that each of the structures at the Complex has offices, conference rooms, latrines and elevators respectively.

The MPW engineer adds that the various corridors connecting the buildings as well as the elevators areas have been completed, saying each of the ministers’ floors also contain restrooms, showers, closets and bathrooms.

According to Mr. Richards, clearing of huge concrete rocks is ongoing at the spot where the multi-purpose building, power house and water reservoir are situated.

Regarding ongoing construction works of annexes to the Capitol Building on Bye-pass, Mr. Richards discloses that Senate Wing contains 181 offices including the Office of the Vice President of Liberia which has a shower, modern bathroom, closet and a hearing room with a seating capacity of 60 persons as well as a general fighting room.

According to him, the Representatives Wing of the Capitol Building annexes has three floors, a hearing room that takes in 80 persons, 211 offices and one elevator. He adds that electrical work has been completed and tested at the Capitol Building project, and that work on the general power house and water reservoir are ongoing. The project started 10 October 2016.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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