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Couple burn properties

A man and his wife engaged in a dramatic mad episode in the Sugar Hill Community of Paynesville when the couple resolved to burning their personal household belongings and other appliances in the presence of bystanders due to some misunderstanding they had. Mr. Patrick C. Garnett and his wife Mrs. Rose Harris Garnett who eyewitnesses claimed have been living together for over 16 years, have angrily set ablaze several belongings during a conflict between them.

But eye witnesses could not say what actually prompted the quarrel between Mr. and Mrs. Garnett. However, they indicate that when the drama was about to start, they only saw Mr. Garnett coming out of his house in an angry mood with a 16 – inch flat screen television, pour gasoline on it and subsequently set it ablaze.

No sooner, the witnesses say Mrs. Garnett rushed into the same house and collected a 12 – inch flat screen television kept in the living room and set ablaze too. Witnesses say that one of the interesting things was that none of the two could stop the other from destroying whatever he or she brings out. So as the drama continued, witnesses say the furious couple went on destroying mattresses and clothing in total disregard for the safety of their neighbors with respect to the blazing flames they had caused.

As though they were competing in a fire tournament, witnesses indicate that Mrs. Garnett pulled out a 4KVA generator from the house which they usually used to provide electricity to their home and put it on fire while onlookers mockingly cheer her action. But it reached a point when the parties noticed that the fire from the blazing generator was gradually spreading to nearby houses, compelling residents to begin seeking assistance to extinguish the fire.

Due to the level of disturbances caused in the community, the couple were later apprehended by community youth and subsequently turned over to the elders’ council to probe the cause of their action. Anonymous eyewitnesses say the two individuals have been in confusion for the past three weeks.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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