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Dialogue, not protest

-Pastoral Network suggests

National Pastoral Network for Peace, a nationwide Christian group here reiterates earlier call to organizers of the planned June 07 protests to engage national government through dialogue rather than protesting in the streets.

Reading a three-page Press Statement over the weekend in the Borough of New Kru Town, Montserrado County District #16, the Secretary General of the Network Alphonso K. Hena notes that in the past three months, they have observed with dismay friction between the government and the group calling itself Council of Patriots or COP over the planned demonstrations against the government to demand reforms in the economy, corruption, the US$25 Million mop-up of excess liquidity, among other things.

“Having to seeing what is going on, the Pastoral Network is urging the COP to engage government through dialogue and reconciliation inclusive of opposition politicians.”

Mr. Hena calls on the Network for Peace, the Liberia Council of Churches, and the Liberian Full Gospel Ministers, among others to craft a durable and peaceful solution to the problem, saying the Network strongly believes that peaceful negotiation and acceptance of views of every participant during negotiation will bring about genuine solution to the present situation.

He adds that in such manner, the Network categorically condemns the impending June 7 protest, noting that never did any protest settle problems in this country, referencing the 1979 rice riot.

Meanwhile, the Network recommends that the COP presents its grievances to the government for deliberation by all parties and that all parties should disengage from making threats, profane or abusive languages against the President and officials of government on social media, and other platforms.

Mr. Hena calls on all political parties to engage the government in a peaceful manner for peace and development.

Earlier, the Rev. James E. Mulbah, Chairman of the National Pastoral Network for Peace says their objective of seeking the face of God is for God-fearing leaders to serve His people.

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“We are aware that you cannot separate the Church from the society, therefore, standing as Acting chairman for this group, we thought it wise to clear the air and inform the public that God is concerned about what is unfolding in this country.”

He says the Pastoral Network mobilizes Churches through their respective pastors to fulfill the vision, adding that many times people refuse to mix politics with their social lives, but they should beware that whatever affects the citizens affects the people in the Church, and part of their duties is to organize crusades throughout all 17 districts in Montserrado, praying for the nation and its leaders.

Rev. Mulbah explains the Network also sensitize its members of their duty to the State, saying while it is true they are Christians, they must vote wisely.

He notes that in Liberian politics, if people don’t understand the dynamics of God’s will, they go astray, but as gatekeepers in God’s house, they would have to account tomorrow. By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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