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Fire for fire

A local group, Special Taskforce Revolutionary Group (STRONG) threatens to return fire for fire against anti-governmental youth groups and those it terms “lawless” lawmakers in defense of true democracy and good governance.

The group, following a parade in principle streets of Monrovia Monday, April 01, says with membership drawn from various political groupings including the former ruling Unity Party, it will not hesitate to confront chaos-prone agenda, designed to plunge Liberia in unnecessary upheavals as the nation struggles to recover from exploitation of its national wealth.

“It is unfortunate that UP’s leaders and foot-soldiers alike, appear to have jumped to the tragic conclusion that the attainment of democratic power through the ballot box is no longer possible, which may explain their futile desperation to collapse the hard-earned democracy,” says self-styled Supreme Commander, J. Richard Holder.

Addressing a news conference at the monument of Liberia’s first President, the late Joseph Jenkins Roberts near the dilapidated Docur Palace Hotel in Monrovia, he says they do not take lightly alleged threats uttered by small surrogate groups to overthrow the democratic will of the Liberian people, as expressed through the ballot box a year ago.

He notes that quite disappointingly, the leadership of the Legislature is yet to act against some of its members who’ve declared support for, and gone further to take responsibility for a planned (violent) overthrow of constituted authority, calling themselves planners and organizers to alter the will of the electorate.

Mr. Holder calls on the Unity Party and its ‘violent collaborators’ to refrain from their alleged course of chaos, adding, “as we are aware that the UP’s launched campaign to overthrow the democratic order, though it lacks the capacity, is a distraction to steal attention away from the laudable anti-corruption fight, within which it stands to be held accountable and culpable for massive looting of the national treasury.”

STRONG says it considers as extremely important, a need for the Weah-led government to take several crucial measures deemed necessary to reclaim Liberia’s stolen funds in its ongoing efforts to impact lives of the struggling masses.

It recommends the government should employ expertise of local and international partners to conduct a comprehensive audit of the 12-year activities of the former Sirleaf-led government, to determine the extent to which corruption and economic crimes took place, and then hold culprits accountable.

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It also wants immediate steps by the current administration to prosecute former officials, who stand accused of corruption in over sixty audits conducted by the General Audit Commission.

It wants the Ministry of Justice immediately alerted to prevent those suspected past officials from traveling outside the bailiwick of Liberia; and that the Plenary of the House of Representatives proceed to investigate and suspend some of its members allegedly known as sponsors and architects of a handful of violent group of Liberians campaigning to undermine the rule of law by threatening to violently overthrow the current democratic order.

Meanwhile, STRONG discloses it hold a nationwide non-violent protest to petition the Weah-led government to arrest and prosecute all audit-indictees from the Sirleaf administration and press the 54th Legislature to suspend lawless lawmakers, who it claims, have aligned themselves with anti-democratic forces to undermine the rule of law and democratic governance in Liberia.
-new group threatens
By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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