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GOL launches newly designed license plates

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The Ministry of Transport (MOT) in collaboration with the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) launches new categories of license plates for vehicles, tricycles and motorbikes plying the streets, with a caveat to members of the Legislature for breaching traffic rules.

Speaking during the formal launch at the Ministry of Transport in Monrovia, the Chief for Public Safety of the Liberia National Police (LNP) John Saah, who deputized for the Inspector General of Police Col. Patrick Sudue, disclosed that the police have observed that some legislators and vehicle owners usually transfer one of their license plates to other vehicles in violation of the traffic law of Liberia.

He said to discourage this practice, the Ministry of Transport and the Liberia Revenue Authority have introduced Windshield Stickers, as a new requirement for all moving vehicles in Liberia.

Mr. Saah said it is unfortunate that the Police would have to go after vehicle owners whenever their license plates expired, contrary to other countries where license plates are renewed voluntarily. He noted that the practice here does not only deny government needed revenue but also defraud it from collecting lawful taxes.

He disclosed that besides, the police have observed that most vehicle owners register their vehicles as private, but at the same time use them for commercial purposes, saying, this has come to an end with the introduction of the windshield stickers in the country.

Saah explained that with this new measure, it would be difficult, if not impossible, for any vehicle owner to defraud government of revenue, as the stickers carry license plate numbers, which cannot be removed through any means.

Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Deputy Minister for Land and Rail J. Darious Kollie, said the new windshield stickers are a new requirement for all moving vehicles in the country.

He said they bear mark, model, and VIN numbers of all vehicles, making it easier for routine inspection by both the Ministry and the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Deputy Minister Kollie revealed it is customary that the ministry changes or modifies designs of all vehicle license plates every five years.

He said the team, which includes MDMC, Techno Brain, LRA, and employees of the Ministry of Transport began the process about six months ago with the objectives of improving current license plates, matching international standards, and making it almost impossible to duplicate, obliterate risk of fraud, as well as add technology to service delivery, operational efficiencies, ensure National Security Compliance in terms of identification of all Land Transport, while increasing government revenue by an astronomical proportion.

Besides, he disclosed that in coming months, government will introduce new modes of payment such as Mobile Money, Online Payment, and Visa Mastercard Payment.

The Commissioner for Taxes at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) who deputized for Commissioner General Thomas Doe-Nah at the occasion, assured the new process will be convenient for everyone, including those residing in the counties.

This process, he continues, will further assist government in generating between four to six million dollars. The Managing Director of the MDMC Mr. John Youbouty whose company printed the new license plates, said the MDMC since the regime of former President Charles Taylor has been printing license plates for the government and will continue to work with the Ministry of Transport in the process.

He said license plates remain the same but in various colors for vehicles such as SOE, GOL, PMC, CMC, among others.

Mr. Garlo Brown, Chairman of the Committee on license plates at the Ministry of Transport who provide an overview of the process expressed gratitude to members of the committee for their hard work, while paying tribute to one of its fallen members.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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