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Honoree cautions mothers on children’s future

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The General Manager of Mulbah Rubber Estate (MRE) and president of the Rubber Planters Association of Liberia, Madam Wilhemina Mulbah – Siaway has cautioned mothers in Liberia to help strengthen their children’s spiritual life in ensuring that they grow up with the fear of God in their hearts.

After being honored on Sunday, May 23 by the Mason Memorial Africa Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church on the Old Road as a Special Mother, Madam Mulbah – Siaway told this paper that being a mother should not be limited to providing the children’s physical needs, but contributing to their spiritual life as Christians.

“We must do more than just giving them their physical needs, but as mothers, we must also be concerned about our children’s future, their relationship with God. The children in our community look up to us for direction and so we cannot sit and watch them go the wrong way,” she added.

The A.M.E. Church on the Old Road certificated Madam Mulbah – Siaway and several other honorees as special mothers of the year on Sunday for their exceptional motherly roles being played as Christians to the Church and their services to humanity, among others.

In a brief response to the honor bestowed upon her, Madam Mulbah – Siaway said she was honored to be recognized and certified among many others, saying the honor encourages her to serve humanity even more. “I’m grateful, I’m honored! Thank each and everyone of you.”

Serving as Guest Preacher at the program, Pastor Sarah JallahGueh of the Living Streams Tabernacle Church in G.S.A. Road Community said it is frustrating how believers are so consumed by what they will eat and wear and have forsaken the purpose for which Christ died.

Preaching under the theme “ The Kingdom Seeking Woman” from St. Matthew 6:25-33, Pastor Gueh noted that it is not a bad thing for believers to work and earn a living, but she them cautioned against forsaking God in pursuit of their physical needs.

“It’s so frustrating how believers are so concerned about things that [do not] matter, things that [do not matter, things that [do not] realy, really matter!,” she said. She noted that she is not telling believers to stop working, but she is urging them to seek the kingdom of God first.

Additionally, the Clergy urged believers to raise their children as ministers of the gospel, saying even if the children do not become preachers, they must grow up knowing God’s word and trusting him as the solution to their problems.

She continued that as believers if your children are giving you a hard time, fast and pray and feed them with the Word. Pastor Gueh observed that a lot of the young people who are out on the streets do have parents who go to Church, cautioning parents against leaving their kids home when going to service. By Winston W. Parley

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