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Imam Sheriff seeks de-escalation of conflict

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Chief Imam Salah M. Sheriff of the Salafiya Mosque on Front Street, Monrovia is urging Liberians to unite to curtail escalation of conflict, in the wake of violent incidences occurring in the country.

“My Fellow Citizens, let us desists from those things that will continue to pull us down as a country, and unite to curtail escalation of conflicts from our country”, he pleads, noting that Liberia belongs to every citizens, not specific groups or tribes.

In a news release Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Imam Sheriff says Liberia continues to dwell in doom and weakness as a result of violence, something, he warns could lead to serious conflict, if intervention were not made.

He notes that Liberia had been known as home of generosity, love, and parent of creativeness and wonderful people, but persistent conflict is ruining the country, asking, “What this conflict of inequality is all about?”

According to him, if Liberia would get on the right trajectory to witness speedy growth and development, there is a need for citizens to be themselves, stressing, “We need to curtail this conspiracy theorist in order to save our nation and the regained dignity.

“We have to change our mindset, attitudes and feelings as in conflict are basically concerned with the issues of trust, bitterness and disdain toward each other”. But I’m using this medium to openly apologize to all native Liberians on behalf of our ancestors, the great ones who prefer to die for honor and dignity”, he adds.

He calls every Liberian, religious groupings, including Muslims and Christians, among others to reconcile before it’s too late, He says it’s time Liberians forget about doing things that will promote separation, because everyone has a right to freedom of religion.

Chief Imam Sheriff urges Liberians to open their hearts to sincere reconciliation, saying, “I’m asking everyone for support in order to spoil this conspiracy among us. this is a call to our Lawmakers, now is the chance to curtail our suffering and the high death rate in this country, because the recent death rate at the Capitol is anger of God and the hate that in us.”

When quizzed why Muslims in Liberia are demanding holidays, he said Muslims her are making the demand because it’s their rights, saying our children will be chased from this society, you can’t tell – leaders go and come, because we have that sentiments and believe that Muslims are not part of this country.”

“You are aware of the illegal removal of former associate Justice Kabina Janneh, and former deputy police inspector general for operations Abraham Kromah. We have not had any officials in government like these two.”

He said if Liberia will and must achieve peace in spite of these controversies, there is a need to exercise love for country, concluding, “If you have love, you have peace of mind.”

By Lewis S. Teh

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