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Kofi Woods mobilizes ‘fastest’ Ebola test machine for Liberia

As the Ebola Virus disease ravages the country, a renowned Liberian human rights lawyer Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods, II, is mobilizing strong international support to help the government and the country deal with the killer disease, with a pending arrival of what would be the fastest Ebola test machine in Liberia.

The Philips Corporation, an electronics manufacturing giant says it will shortly roll out the improved diagnosis equipment for the quick detection of the Ebola virus disease.

Mr. Ties Kroezen, Venture Manager of Philips Africa’s Incubator, made the disclosure during a meeting with Atty. Woods Wednesday in the Netherlands.

According to Mr. Ties Kroezen the new testing equipment which will take seconds to diagnose Ebola, will be rolled in out in a matter of weeks.

“It is expected that when this machine comes into use, it will take seconds to diagnose cases of Ebola,” Kroezen told Woods.

The Ebola diagnostic device discussed is awaiting approval by WHO for deployment. When approved, WHO will take responsibility for local distribution, according to Woods.

“We are also in contact with USAID and the US Department of Defense about using this device. The US DOD is already using the standard version of these devices and should be easily able to use the Ebola-version,” a dispatch from Holland noted.

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Woods who recently concluded several high level meetings in the United States in search of aid for Liberia in the fight against the Ebola outbreak, as well as support to build Liberia’s healthcare infrastructure, has also met with Dutch Parliamentarians, Development Organizations and corporations. Woods said his mission is to muster consolidated programs to intervene in the current Ebola emergency as well as to advocate for a long-term plan and strategy to improve and upgrade Liberia’s antiquated healthcare system.

“Any further delay in delivering much needed logistics and supplies to Liberia will lead to the death of many more people and this is morally unacceptable,” the fearless human right advocate continued. “Liberia needs help, and it needs it urgently.

This is a global tragedy. Send us medical help and everything else that would help us deal with this catastrophe. We need medical practitioners, doctors, logisticians, ambulances, mobile clinics and we need help in building both institutional and human capacity in the medium and long term.”

Woods then emphasized the need for governments, international organizations and wealthy individuals to assist the struggling people of Liberia by providing more ambulances, mobile clinics, testing equipment and other assistance.

He commended the international community for their commitment to assist but declared “that it is too slow in arriving and the help might just be useless when it arrives. We need urgent action and we need it now!”

In another development, Woods has asked Save the Children Netherlands and other children’s and relief organizations to develop and design programs to address the plight of children who have been orphaned by the Ebola virus.

Speaking to officials of Save the Children-Netherlands, Woods emphasized the need to pay attention to kids who have become orphaned as a result of the Ebola Virus while implementing normal Ebola protection programs and building treatment centers. These kids are victims and they stigmatized like other survivors. They need to be de-traumatized and de-stigmatized” Woods noted.

Woods, who serves as an Ambassador of Save The Children-Netherlands on the group’s campaign to educate the Dutch Public about the Ebola Virus and to solicit support from the Dutch public for the Ebola fight in West Africa, said he plans on developing a celebrity network to create awareness and increase international attention on eradicating the virus as well as emphasize the need to de-stigmatize it.

Attorney Woods is well known internationally and has insisted that he will use every ounce of contact available to him in support of efforts to eradicate the Ebola virus. He has also been meeting with various corporations, foundations and organizations to discuss the possibility of other assistance including small solar lights for young children.

It can be recalled that Atty. Woods studied in the Netherland and lived two years in exile in that country. He is also member of the International Advisory Board of CORDAID, Member of the Advisory Board of the Responsible Mining Index and now an Ambassador for Save the Children Netherlands.

While recently in the United States, Woods also met with several organizations and individuals as part of his campaign to solicit assistance for the fight against Ebola as well as to build Liberia’s healthcare infrastructure.

The former Public Works Minister also met with several Liberian organizations and got the commitment of several organizations to supply funding and materials for the fight against Ebola and to help in rebuilding Liberia’s broken healthcare infrastructure. In a related development, Woods met with Dutch Parliamentarians prior to a recent debate on the Ebola Crisis in Liberia.

During the parliamentary debate on Wednesday, October 8, the Ministry of Development has announced that it will increase support and also announced the initial provision of 10 ambulances to Liberia.

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