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Larry Younquoi envies me

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-Sen. PYJ reacts to attack

Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson sternly reacts to persistent attack from kinsman Representative Larry P. Younquoi, on his personality, terming it as sheer envy due to the level of development he (Johnson) has undertaken in Nimba.

He brags of establishing a modern polytechnic university in Nimba, the first ever in the history of the county, claiming that in Representative Younquoi’s two terms in office, he has never executed any development in electoral district#8, his constituency.

Speaking to The New Dawn Wednesday, January 06, 2021 via mobile phone in Monrovia, Sen. Johnson explained that unlike him, Rep. Younquoi has no home in Nimba, alleging that the Nimba district#8 lawmaker currently resides in a family house with no property or development of his own.

He points to establishment of the PYJ Education Foundation, a personal initiative, among other achievements, arguing that Bob Jones University and Oral Roberts University in America are not owned by the United States government.

His reaction follows wild allegations by Rep. Younquoi that Sen. PYJ, leader of the defunct rebels Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia or INPFL, killed more people from Nimba during the Liberian Civil War than all other former warlords in Liberia.

He terms the allegation as blatant lies, saying, “Larry just hate to see me.”

Younquoi further claimed on Tuesday, 05 January in a live talk show in Monrovia that the rebel leader-turn politician has never disarmed since the end of the 14-year bloody crisis that killed over 300,000 people, including women and children.

But PYJ debunks the assertion, saying he fully disarmed to international peacekeepers thru the United States Embassy in Liberia.

“I surrendered my weapons to peacekeepers, and from Nigeria, I issued a communication via video recording to one Joseph Kokor in July 1992, instructing all of my men to disarm, so they were disarmed”, he says.

On claim that he was taken from Liberia by ECOMOG in the 90s as a mere refugee after surrendering to the regional force, Sen. Johnson says he left here under the umbrella of the Federal Government of Nigeria, and was not a mere refugee, as Younquoi alleged.

Relationship between the two Nimba lawmakers has never been cordial since Rep. Larry Younquoi got elected to the House, with the latter seeing Sen. PYJ as imposing and domineering in the county’s politics, always wanting his voice to be the final.

But Younquoi has disclosed that he is on a mission to demystify Sen. PYJ, who he said, continues to portray himself to the Nimba people as a deity.

By Jonathan Browne

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