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Lawmaker’s appreciation program poorly attended

Appreciation programs held in two communities for Montserrado County Electoral District #12 Rep. Dr. George Beyan Samah wer poorly attended recently in spite of invitations extended to people in his district including supporters and businesses.

Our reporter who covered the program says at least 85 persons showed up for one of the events at the J.J.Y. community program while less than 100 persons were also at the Chicken Soup Factory program, leaving multiple chairs intended for invitees empty.

Organizers on the other hand struggled with a poor PA system during the program that had very low turnout in the district. Several foreign businesses invited by Rep. Samah such as Sethi Brothers Incorporated, Rainbow Paint Industrial, and Jetty Trading, among others, were absent and had no proxy to make remarks on their behalf when their names were called.

Our reporter observed that the PA system earlier used at the program held at the Bishop Tue School at J.J.Y. declined to effectively operate, continuously distorting the occasion.It claimed the attention of some guests who suggested that speakers make their remarks without using the PA system.

Addressing the guests, Rep. Samah promised that he will not make the people shame, assuring that he will erect a mini sports facility and construct a high school for the district.

He says he will strive to ensure that the welfare of the people of the district are met because of the support they gave him.Dr. Samah’s wife and children were in attendance at the occasion and were thrilled with cultural and musical performances by Liberian musician and producer of the song “Thank You Dr. Dr. George Beyan Samah,” known as AK Nuhn.

Earlier Youth Chairman of Shoes Factory Community Mr. Koffa, and J.J.Y. Community Chairman Mr. Sanoussim Keita praised Rep. Samah, saying he was the first ever elected lawmaker of the district to return to and thank you to the people.They say it was no surprise because they trusted the campaign promises that Rep. Samah made during the political season

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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