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“Liberia democracy under threat”

--Senatorial Aspirant

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Montserrado County Senatorial Aspirant Sheikh Mustapha Kouyateh says Liberia’s democracy is undergoing serious threat from bad politicians who are desperate to enrich themselves through public offices.

Speaking during his endorsement program by a group of young people in Logan Town on 21 September, Mr. Kouyateh said electoral violence and voter trucking are factors that are leading to the threat.

“If we say you are well known, and popular in your constituency then why truck people? The idea of trucking simply means you are a total stranger that wants to enrich yourself at the expense of the ordinary people,” he argues.

The senatorial aspirant notes that he is aware that Liberia is not lacking leadership because he thinks there are young people who are more qualified than some public servants.

In accepting his endorsement from the young people, Mr. Kouyateh assures that he will not give promises which he cannot fulfill, noting that the House of Senate is a house that will focus on bills and good policy.

According to him, when elected as Senator, he will lobby with his colleagues in the Senate to pass “Access Verification Bill” which will compel every citizen to give account of their wealth and properties and enable the country to have checks and balances.

Further, Mr. Kouyateh says he will introduce another bill in the interest of the young people to be called the National Youth Service Bill which when passed, will compel every young person including students to pursue compulsory education, whether in colleges or at vocational schools.

Upon graduation from school, Mr. Kouyateh notes that students will take up one year youth service [assignment] in any county for a youth service, something he says will enable them to possibly be recruited by the government into public office.

During the program in Logan Town, Mr. Aloysius S. Wesseh, a youth leader, said his decision to support and endorse Mr. Kouyateh is based on his platform which includes advocacy for youth empowerment, quality health services for women and children as well as Mr. Kouyateh’s tangibles in the county.

Mr. Wesseh says it was about time the people of Montserrado, particularly the younger generation, stand for their future by casting their ballot based on candidates’ platform and not for the sake of big names or the bags of rice and cash.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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