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Liberian Artist wants Katie Meyler prosecuted

Liberian musical artist Kobazzi, born Kotie D. Bazzi, is urging government to quickly prosecute U.S. charity More Than founder Mrs. Katie Meyler.In an interview with reporters over the weekend, Kobazzie expressed disappointment in the founder of More Than Me School for the high level of embarrassment put on innocent girls in the country.

“Today is one of the saddest days in my life. I’m sad after reading the full report by ProPublica about the systematic sexual abuse of poor and helpless teenage girls at More Than Me, which were covered up by Katie Meyler, the organization’s founder,” says Kobazzie.

According to him, those girls’ lives were upended, their futures clouded and worst of all, the pains they went through and are going through were kept under wraps by those they loved and trusted.
Kobazzi laments that Katie Meyler’s action was inhumane and neglectful, adding that it is also an unacceptable and unforgivable act.

The Liberian musical star says these girls might be poor, but they do not deserve what they went through.“It is against this backdrop that I’m calling on the government through the Ministry of Justice and Gender, Children and Social Protection to seek justice for these young girls,” Kobazzie continues.

According to him, Katie Meyler’s alleged neglectful action without delay has ruin the future of these victims.He pleads with government needs to take this situation seriously, warning that if it does not do so, this will be the order of the day.

“This is the time for the Government of Liberia to prove that it remains committed to ending all forms of abuse against children,” Kobazzie says.He says while the perpetrator of this immoral and deadly act is dead, Katie needs to be prosecuted for covering up the scandal at the organization and later influencing the trial of the accused rapist just to save the institution’s imagine.

The fact that Katie was allegedly aware of the situation and did nothing, Kobazzie says it makes her a party to the crime.“Meyler did nothing because the man in question who raped these girls was her boyfriend,” Kobazzie charges.

According to him, More Than Me founder Katie and her organization failed these unprivileged kids who needed their help.He says Katie willfully neglected her responsibility to put into place systems and mechanisms to prevent such a situation.

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Kobazzi observes that Mrs. Meyler’s organization built its foundation and fundraising appeal on the poor living condition of these girls and created an environment where the very abuse they claimed to protect the girls against became widespread within the organization.

By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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