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Liberian author releases several books

Rev. Dr. Pah Suku, Sr. author of several Liberian books

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A prominent Liberian writer has published several books on Liberian elections, education, and religious system.
The author, Rev. Dr. Pah Suku, Sr., who is also Vice President of T-SAT University based in the United States, made the disclosure to reporters on Monday.

The books, titled among others, Liberian educational system a mess; How to do a business; 24 Reasons why every citizen should vote; Why should we study the Bible, have been rated by the New York Times as best materials for Liberian schools.

Dr. Suku explains that prior to his study in the Unites States of America (USA) he had served in several key positions in government, including Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports; Deputy Managing Director, National Port Authority (NPA); Assistant Commercial Manager, Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and Supervisor, Ministry of Public Works (MPW) respectively.

According to him, he wrote the books because he believes the country needs them to be used for education, election and religious cycle, adding that when he was growing up as a young man in Liberia, his dream was to become a great writer of books that could positively contribute to the development process of the country.

He notes the country’s education is a mess because of misplacement of officials and instructors in government educational system, adding that the education system does not need privatization but encouragement to attract best brains of Liberians in the Diasporas back home to contribute to the reconstruction process of the country.

On the question of election, Dr. Suku says Liberians have great power in their hands with which they can elect and impeach people they voted in offices once they fail to perform the responsibility given them, warning that Liberians should desist from selling their votes for money or bag of rice.

He calls on Liberians to acquire requisite professional knowledge and skills that they can practically put in use for the general good of the country and its people.

He says the school system here has completely broken down characterized by corruption and expresses disappointment in some universities, including the University of Liberia (UL) which has a course entitled: “Public Administration One and Introduction to Public Administration, terming it as a complete blunder on the part of the UL administration.

He calls on the National Elections Commission to intensify civil and voters education in schools, universities, colleges, and market places to increase Liberians’ ability to understand why their votes should not be sold, as doing so does not reflect positively on the country’s image.
He urges the Government of Liberia (GOL) to place the right people in the right offices to avoid undermine the growth of the country to ensure efficiency in the public sector. By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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