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Liberian Gov’t secures job opportunities for seamen

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The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has disclosed that it has secured job opportunities for ten (10)Liberian Seafarers to board two Liberian licensed international Tuna Fishing Vessels.

A NaFAA press release is quoted as saying that the ten Liberian Seafarers will be recruited from the Liberia Seamen and General Workers Union and the leadership has already been duly informed about the job opportunities created by the CDC led Government through the Fisheries Authority.

The Ten (10) Liberian Seafarers will serve as crew members onboard Tuna Fishing Vessel Liberty Grace and Liberty Queen tuna fishing vessels and the management of the vessels have consented to deploy onboard the ten Liberian Seafarers on the two vessels after the issuance of an official communications to NaFAA.

The management of the Sovereign Trade Services (STS) LLC, Legal Representatives of the two fishing vessels in a communication “requested that the Liberia Seamen and General Workers Union, recommends qualified personnel who will go through orientation and Covid-19 health checks and those ten seamen when selected will board within the operational time table” .

The Managing Director, Essuman Michael also requested that the Liberian Seamen and General Workers Union should ensure that the ten personnel have all requisite documents including Seamen Books to sign their contracts before boarding the fishing vessels within the next few days.

Meanwhile, NaFAA in a Communications to the President of the Liberia Seamen and General Workers Union, Samuel Siafa called on his office to submit all necessary documents before Thursday, August 20, 2020 following their selection of the ten semen for subsequent training by the Company.

NaFAA is also requesting that the Seamen Union submits all relevant documents to enable the ten Liberian Seafarers be deployed on the Sovereign Trade Services LLC tuna vessels as scheduled.

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