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Limited resources to fight injustice

-Says Justice Minister

Justice Minister Cllr. Frank Musa Dean has told the plenary of the Liberian Senate that there are limited resources to fight injustice in Liberia, when he appeared Tuesday, 4 February to address the recent murder of a German investor in Grand Bassa County and other national security issues here.
Cllr. Dean says he is still chasing money to fight some armed robbery cases that occurred some years back in Grand Bassa County.

He reports to the Senate that investigation is ongoing in relation to the killing of the German national, a case that moved the Senate to cite the Justice Minister.
He tells the Senate that two suspects have been arrested so far, while the others are on the run.

During his presentation, Cllr. Dean re-echoes that the Monrovia Central Prison is overcrowded and there’s a need for some of the inmates to be transferred to the Grand Gedeh Correction Center which is in southeast Liberia.He reminds that the Senate that the Monrovia Central was built to take in about 300 inmates, but it now has up to 1,300 prisoners.

Cllr. Dean says prosecution cannot keep suspects in detention for more than two terms of court when their case is not heard, which means the accused will be freed from prison according to the law.

Following his deliberation, Grand Bassa County Sen. NyonbleeKangar – Lawrence says she has been reliably informed that the rise of armed robbery cases is due to those held for armed robbery later being released and sent back into the community and causing more harm in the society.

Also speaking, Senator Marshall Dennis of Grand Gedeh County says the people of his county are already afraid, knowing that high core criminals are to be sent in their County.
He suggests that the police need to find a way to get the criminals back in the county where the crime took place when they are freed from prison.

Grand Kru County Senator Dr. Peter Coleman says it is not safe to keep the prison overcrowded, warning that inmates will come in contact with many diseases.He adds that tuberculosis will easily be spread with them, causing more harm for the society when they come out.

Senator Jonathon Kaipay, the author of the communication that cited the Justice Minister, says the Ministry of Justice and the police need to work hard and do something to reduce the high level of criminal activities and armed robbery rate in the country.

He says now they’ve started killing investors, and it has the propensity to drive investors out of the country and scare other investors that may want to come in the country.
For his part, Senator Sando D. Johnson of Bomi County observes that the dress code of some members of the Liberia National Police does not represent the country.

“But when it is time for protest, we see different kinds of police well dressed,” he says.
In this light, Lofa County Senator Stephen Zargo has pledged 100 pieces of uniforms to the Liberia National Police as he calls on the police’s budget to be increased. He adds that it is not easy to work in the security sector with limited resources.By Ethel A. Tweh—Edited by Winston W. Parley

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