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Louisianan residents crave for Police

Scores of residents of Louisianan Township, Montserrado County are calling for the establishment of a Police depot in their community by the Liberia National Police (LNP) to help fight crimes.

Speaking to reporters in the township on 08 September, a youth representative of the area said it is unfortunate that since Louisianan was established about a century ago, the township is yet to have a Police depot.

According to Thomas Johnson, the only referral police depot is in Caldwell Township, something that continues to impede the administration of justice in their area.

Johnson, a strong social advocate, also adds that the absence of Police in the township has led to rise in crimes, even though there is a local investigation body at the township administrative building.

He explains that Louisianan authorities have always referred cases to Caldwell Township simply because the Police are absent to protect lives and property.

He discloses that Louisianan is one of the oldest townships in Liberia, so he sees no reason why the township cannot benefit from Police service, stressing that government must do everything possible to ensure establishing one there.

According to him, in some instances they had to transfer criminal cases to Mount Coffer or Bentol City for adjudication, which is not a good thing for the justice system of the country.

Thomas believes that all cases emanating from Louisianan should go through vigorous scrutiny before taken them to the Police who would subsequently process an accused or accused persons for court trial, but this is not happening in their situation.

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Also speaking to reporters, an elder of the township, John Gibson, says he looks forward to a day when government will do justice to the people of Louisianan by establishing a Police depot there.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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