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LTA identifies frequency violators

The Liberia Telecommunications Authority has released a list of radio and television stations, which it says have failed to update permits and licenses in keeping with the LTA’s regulations for frequency assignment.

In a press release issued in Monrovia, the regulatory body reminded members of the press that frequency assignment is a privilege; not a right and that managing the nation’s scarce spectrum resource requires simple procedures that must be enforced for national security issues as well as the enjoyment of those who tune into station programming.

The release said there were 22 stations on the list of those operating with expired licenses, adding that most prominent among them are Power FM, Hot FM, Radio Veritas and Liberia Web Radio which is operating under the new name of Voice FM.

It listed separately stations which have come forward and engaged the LTA in resolving compliance issues such as commercial station Truth FM   and Magic FM, and also named two stations operating without registration and have erected transmitters, including Sports FM on 96.9  and Miracle FM on 104.3.  The fourth category lists television stations operating commercially with expired authorization, including Sky FM, Power TV and Love TV.

According to the release, penalties for continued violation range from administrative penalties to judicial remedies and frequency withdrawal for reassignment.

LTA Commissioner for Licensing and Regulations, B. Anthony McCritty, said during a weekly press briefing at the Ministry of Information on Capitol Hill over the weekend: “There are entities waiting to acquire frequencies to operate and here we have lists of stations not in compliance. We will ultimately move to reassign the nation’s frequencies to those willing to pay their fees, go through the proper procedures and stay in compliance.”

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