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Man kills fiancée in Bong?

Police in Bong County have arrested, charged and sent to court a man believed to be in his early 30s for allegedly murdering his fiancée during sexual intercourse in Gbogbota, Sannoyea District.

Suspect Tegeh Ricks was sent to court during the weekend, police say.He was said to be in relationship with victim Kpanah Duanah for some few weeks before the incident.

Our Bong County correspondent gathers that on Sunday, 29 July, defendant Ricks asked victim Duanah to pay him a courtesy visit which she did.But witnesses say out of surprise, victim Duanah was found dead the next morning in the defendant’s house with her clothes removed.

Since the situation occurred, our correspondent says residents of the region have allegedly been trying to compromise the case.But a family member of the victim is said to have notified the police during the night of the Passover.

Our correspondent says Little Maybe D-man told police that she came from a Church program on the night of the incident and decided to sit outside the house in which defendant Ricks and victim Duanah were allegedly having fine times.

“While sitting there, I saw Uncle Ricks coming from the backyard of the house and he later went to call some of his close relatives. When the relatives came, they stood for a while but they were distanced from [me] so I could not actually hear what exactly they were saying,” witness Maybe narrates.

She says she sat on the porch and watched them critically, but they remained in the conversation until she fell sleepy and went to bed.But witness Maybe indicates that while she was going to bed, she decided to check in her father’s room but when she shockingly saw the body of victim Kpanah Duanah.

“When I saw Kpanah, I was actually afraid, so I quickly went to bed until the next morning when I again saw the body of Kpanah naked right before her house. And that’s why I decided informing the police,” Maybe adds.

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Following witness Maybe’s narration, our correspondent says the late Kpanah’s family members quickly arrested defendant Ricks and turned him over to the Liberia National Police (LNP).

But defendant Ricks narrates to our correspondent that while he and victim Kpanah were having affair, she started behaving unconscious, prompting him to leave the room quickly to call some of his relatives.

Defendant Ricks says when he went out to make a call, victim Kpanah died in the room where they were having fine time.“After I knew that she had died, my uncles Pokpah Kerkulah and Gormree Kerkulah advised me to take the victim’s body to her house and they helped me to quickly do that,” defendant Ricks claims.

He insists that he knows nothing about the death of victim Duanah, saying he wants the 9th Judicial Circuit Court in Gbarnga to critically look into the matter void of self – interest.

After physical investigation of the deceased’s body, a 15 – man jury reported a major foul play, citing marks on the feet of the victim, blood on her back and her neck also broken.

The Bong County Commander of the Crime Services Division (CSD) of the LNP John Kellenso Flomo has charged defendant Ricks and sent him to court on Monday, 6 August.

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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