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Man with swollen hand appeals to Pres. Weah

32-year-old Romeo A. Sheriff, who is suffering an enlarge growth of one of his hands, is appealing to President George Manneh Weah, philanthropists and humanitarian organizations here for assistance to enable him seek medication abroad.

A former motorcyclist, Romeo hails from Bo Waterside, Grand Cape Mount County in western Liberia. He claims to have suffered a fractured arm in 2017 while campaigning for the now ruling Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

He walks into the offices of the New Dawn on Crown Hill Broad Street in Monrovia and narrates his ordeal.

“ I’m a motorcyclist from Cape Mount; I had this accident during the 2017 election while campaigning for the CDC’ Initially, I overlooked it, thinking that it was just another normal accident that motorcyclists normally encounter why riding”, he recalls.

He continues after the 2017 election, he noticed his hand began to swell, which claimed attention of his family and other people in the county.

According to him, he later went to traditional herbalists to find out what was happening to him, noting lots of misinformation were given him by various herbalists.

He says some herbalists told him his condition could not be attributed to a natural motorcycle accident, rather they suspected spiritual manipulation or African science, something that got him frustrated and left him with no hope of recovery.

Asked what help he received from county officials, Romeo says officials in the county are not interested in their people, noting since the accident, no one had identified with him, adding that lawmakers and other officials in the county are only concerned about themselves and their families.

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Romeo says this has prompted him to come to the public about his health condition “for the President, and other people to come to my aid, because all of the hospitals I have visited said they can’t do anything about my situation except I travel abroad to seek further treatment.”

“I went to JFK and the Indian doctor told me that hand problem is blood clog. It has eaten up the hand and if I do not hurry to seek further treatment out of the country, it could destroy my entire body and at the end, I might not live. I want people to really come to my aid and help me because it is very urgent.”
By Lewis S. Teh

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