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Minister Rannie Jackson, others defy Ellen

Public officials, who should have resigned following their qualification by the National Elections Commission or NEC as candidates for the December 16, 2014 Midterm Senatorial election, are in complete defiance of the executive mandate.  It has been almost two weeks now since the NEC published its final listing of successful candidates.

Without due respect to the mandate of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf leave their respective posts in the Executive Branch of Government as a policy, these officials continue to abandon their offices for campaigns trails in their respective counties.

The Deputy Internal Affairs Minister for Operations and head of the regional Ebola Task force for Bong, Margibi, Lofa and Nimba Counties, Mr. Rannie Jackson, River cess County Superintendent Wellington Geevon Smith, River Gee Superintendent Daniel Johnson, as well as Sinoe County Superintendent J. Milton Teahjay, are among public officials resisting the President’s order.

In her regular simple English press interview with Tuwon Sulonteh broadcast on UNMIL Radio just a week following the publication of the final listing of qualified candidates by the NEC, President Sirleaf  re-emphasized that these officials must resign or face dismissal- a warning they have since defied.

They may be harbouring the belief that President Sirleaf is not serious with her mandate and warning to dismiss them if they did not resign. But all eyes and ears are now on the President since this government is still defying her authority to test her power and resolve to have them dismissed since they are yet to resign.

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