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MNG Gold reduces cracked houses owner’ compensations

Mining Company MNG Gold is said to have deviated from previous agreement made to pay one thousand two hundred and fifty USD $(1250) each to owners of the reported two hundred and forty seven houses that were cracked during the company’s operation.

Their disagreement to pay the US $1250 came as a result of an increase in the number of cracked houses which the Company says is too much for the 2017 budget.

The Company earlier on set a budget of three hundred and eight thousand US Dollars to be paid to the two hundred and forty seven houses’ owners as means of compensating them for the repairing of their houses.

After several critical recounting exercises both in David Deans and Saywen Towns, the number of cracked houses latter escalated from two hundred and forty seven (247) to one thousand fourteen (1014).

If the company is to pay US $ 1250 to each of 1014 houses, meaning it will stand to pay little over one million two hundred and sixty seven thousand USD (1,000,267).

Following the escalation of the increase in number of the cracked houses, the company then decided to pay the money in four categories. Houses with dirt Bricks and cement or mud to mud and fully plastered with zinc roof, will be in category one according to the Company, while category two will include houses that are built with only mud and are not plastered among others.

But on the other hand, residents of the area especially those of whom houses were cracked as a result of the heavy weight of the cracking machine have expressed disappointment over the company’s action to pay the money by category.

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According to them, while it is true that the company has decided to pay the money by category, there is a need for the first two hundred and forty seven houses that were earlier promised be given the one thousand two hundred and fifty USD each then the remaining ones be paid by the category.

But their appeals seemed to be fruitless as executives of the Company were seen signing the final documents on Tuesday, for the categorized payment to start.

Those in category one will be given a little over six hundred USD and category to three hundred USD amongst others. Our Bong County Correspondent says the payment will start this week.

According to our Correspondent, the company has also agreed to be responsible for any house that will be cracked due to its continue blasting of rocks in the area.

-Othello B. Garblah

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