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NEC to certificate Geevon Smith, Gbotoe today

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The National Elections Commission (NEC) has announced a joint Certification ceremony of the Senators Elect of Gbarpolu and Rivercess Counties at its headquarters today Tuesday.

Senators elect from the 8 December 2020 Special Senatorial Elections, Botoe Kanneh and Willington Geevon Simth will be certificated as Senators of Gbarpolu and Rivercess Counties respectively, on Tuesday.
A statement from the NEC issued 29 March 2021, says the joint certification ceremony starts at 10:30AM in the James M. Fromanyan Conference Hall at the headquarters of the Commission.

The NEC statement says a mandate from the Supreme Court of Liberia to the National Elections Commission will precede the certification of Senator Elect BotoeKanneh, of Gbarpolu County.

Independent Candidate Steve Tequah withdrawn his petition against process following the recount of the remaining 104 polling places in Rivercess County by the NEC as mandated by the Supreme Court of Liberia.

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