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Nimba Caucus leaders resign

The Chairperson for the Nimba County Legislative Caucus, Senator Thomas Grupee, and the Secretary General for the Caucus, Representative Worlea Sawah Donlah, have resigned their respective posts and turned over the gavel of authority to Senator Prince Yormie Johnson at a ceremony in Sanniquellie City, Nimba County.

Addressing cross sections of citizens over the weekend at the Nimba County Council Sitting held in the William V.S. Tubman Hall in Sanniquellie, Senator Grupee said, he has toiled tirelessly for the unity of the county, but his efforts have been frustrated by some of his colleagues in the Caucus.

Senator Grupee stressed that his primary objective is to foster peace and development in Nimba, noting that he has done extremely well to lift the county’s image. Representative Donla resigned immediately after Caucus chair Senator Grupee publicly pronounced his resignation at the well attended Council Sitting last Saturday, 21 February.

Senator Prince Yormie Johnson had earlier threatened to boycott this year’s County Council Sitting. Speaking on one of Nimba’s Community Radio Stations, via mobile phone in Sanniquellie City recently, he said, his decision to boycott the Council Sitting is based on the alleged denial of several local officials voting rights, including commissioners by members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus.

He said it is very much unfortunate for the Caucus to categorize district commissioners, statutory district superintendents and city mayors as mere observers, when they play pivotal roles in the County.

PYJ maintained that the bringing of 28 office staffers by the Nimba Lawmakers to serve as participants in Council Sitting was frustrating and disappointing.

Senator Johnson said district commissioners, city mayors and statutory superintendents are political leaders of their districts and should be part and parcel of the county development discussion. Earlier in 2014, Senator Grupee had vowed not to turn over the chairmanship to Senator Johnson, arguing that it would be a bad precedent to set in his political career.    

It may be recalled that after the re-election of Senator Johnson in 2014, he had been reinforcing and calling on District #5 Representative Samuel G. Kogar, a close ally, demanding for the Nimba Caucus chairman position.

Senator Johnson had been in confrontation with Senator Grupee over the Nimba County Caucus chairmanship, saying as ‘God Father’ of Nimba politics and Zoe-deh, he must be re-instated by his colleagues as chairman for the Caucus.

However, the two former leaders of the Caucus have promised to work with their colleagues in promoting peace and unity within the Caucus. Meanwhile, Senator Grupee has reacted to Senator Johnson’s suggestion that the county dignifies its local officials by providing them cars, motorbikes and furnished offices.

He maintained that the social development funds will not be used to satisfy any local officials in the county. Nimba County Gbehlay–Geh District Commissioner, John P. Quito, has described as unbelievable news that commissioners were not accredited as delegates to this year’s County Council Setting.

Commissioner Quito said commissioners are cognizance of their districts’ development agenda and should always part take in such development discussion like the County Council Setting where the growth of Nimba is placed high on the agenda.

The Gbehlay-Geh District Commissioner stressed that the decision by the Nimba Legislative caucus to accredit commissioners as observers, is regrettable and frustrating.  He made the statement at the weekend in Guaguortue, while breaking grounds for a nurses’ quarter.                       

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