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Police Commissioner unveils book on Liberia criminal justice system

Liberian writer and senior law enforcement official, Commissioner Ambrues Monboe Nebo, Sr., has unveiled his third book titled: Introduction to Liberia Criminal Justice System: A Concise Edition which is pending the approval of the Review Board at the Advantist University to be used by students.

Mr. AmbruesMonboe Nebo, Sr., a Commissioner of Police for Administration at the Liberia National Police (LNP) and classroom teacher, says for almost 10 years, he has been teaching Sociology, Political Science and Criminal Justice.

While unveiling the book at the LNP Headquarters during a press conference Friday, 22 January in Monrovia, Commissioner Nebo also disclosed that he had just completed his PhD program in Sociology with 4.00, awaiting completion of his financial obligation to graduate.

As an academician, Mr. Nebo says it has been his desire to write and publish the Introduction to Liberia Criminal Justice System because he realizes that most of the textbooks used in the classroom at the undergraduate level are western books.

He explains that while these western books are good to learn from, unfortunately none of them offer contextual information specifically on the Liberian system.

“The book that you are now holding provides specific information for Liberia Criminal Justice System. In other words, if under graduate students are reading criminal justice, do they understand the scope, the nature of their own system? It is the essence of that book,” he says.

According to Commissioner Nebo, the book is for the Liberian context of the criminal justice system, adding that it provides a contextual information that is mainly for the Liberian society and it highlights Liberia law enforcement.

Commissioner Nebo notes that Liberian students who lack the contextual skills to translate western culture to Liberian society will find it easier to understand and contribute immensely to their own system.

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He reveals that in a couple of days, he will submit the book to the Review Board at the Advantist University for their approval to be used as a text book for students and will be used too by students at the AMEU or anybody interested in understanding Liberia’s criminal justice system.

By Winston W. Parley

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