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Police warn traffic violators

The Liberia National Police has issued a warning over the wanton gross traffic violations by members of the driving public, saying that it will not relent in arresting and prosecuting violators.

In a statement issued Tuesday April 10, the LNP said its attention had been drawn to numerous traffic violations ranging from intrusions into VIPs Convoys, the usage of opposite lane without permission from the Liberia National Police, the violation of No Go zones by motorcyclist.

The release further cites other violations as commercializing private vehicles, vehicle plying the streets and highways without registration plate and or insurance.
The Liberia National Police further expressed disappointment on the parts of some individuals of the driving public who are in the constant habit of mounting sirens on their private vehicles and driving in an emergency manner.

The police said such violators will be arrested, ticket issued and vehicle or motorbikes impounded if there is no license or other relevant documents to operate said vehicle.

In line with the vehicle and traffic law of the Republic of Liberia, there are three emergency vehicles; the Police marked vehicle, Ambulance and fire service.
Meanwhile, the LNP said it is calling on all road users to immediately desist from such practices, as anyone caught in violation of these traffic rules and regulations as of April 10, 2018, will be arrested, traffic ticket issued or vehicle impounded if necessary.


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