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Political tension heightens in Bong

Political tensionSerious tension is building up in Bong County between Representative Prince Moye and the Manager of the Gbarnga Regional Justice and Security Hub, Hezekiah Siakor.

About two weeks ago, Representative Moyewent to a town in his District for the dedication of a youth center with Youth and Sports Minister, but the program degenerated to serious disarray as some young people believed to be supporters of Mr. Siakor obstructed continuation of the occasion.

Some 10 young people, who were using a vehicle from the Gbarnga Regional Justice and Security Hub, said the program could not proceed without providing any reasons for their decision. They had gone to represent Mr. Hezekiah Siakor under the banner “Friends of Siakor” who was invited to the program but decided to send them as proxies with a computer donation.

However, Samay Town where Hon. Moye has gone for the dedication is the home town of Mr. Siakor, considered as his strong hold with news that he is interested in vying against Representative Moye in 2017 elections.

Mr. Siakor’s proxies quickly occupied the vehicle of the lawmaker and said they were ready for any reaction from his supporters, but the lawmaker asked his supporters to remain calm and respectful. The disruption by the young people has been hugely condemned by citizens with many criticizing the Hub Manager for giving security vehicle to violent youths to carry on such behavior.

Many continue to argue that as manager of a facility that is providing emergency security to Bong, Lofa and Nimba Counties, Mr. Siakor’sdecision to use security vehicle for his campaign was detrimental to the security of the citizens, as police and other officers assigned at the hub would have found it difficult to quickly move if there was a security situation in any of the counties. 

The Hub Manager when contacted by our Bong County correspondent said, he was not in the position to dignify any claim. But Representative Prince Moyesaid he has written President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Head of the Justice and Joint Security Program and the Justice Ministry, drawing their attention to the disgruntled behavior exhibited by Mr. Siakor through his supporters.

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Prior to the program, there were rumors inGbarnga that Mr. Siakor was at a local entertainment center, telling people he will disrupt the dedicatory program on grounds that the construction of the youth center was financed by Hon. Moye. Bong County Civil society has released an official statement, condemning Mr. Siakor’s action, which it described as terrible.

Civil Society Chairman Steven Mulbah, has called for the immediate resignation or dismissal of Mr. Siakor, adding that they no longer trust him to head such security institution. He added that the civil society in Bong will campaign for his removal, especially as President Sirleafis expected to the county this weekend.

By Papa Morris, Bong-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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