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Public Works Minister Summoned

Gyude Moore NDThe Plenary of the House of Representatives has summoned Public Works Minister Gyude Moore to provide clarity on the alleged abandonment of the Police Academy Community road and the S. K. D. Boulevard project.

The lawmakers to the decision last Thursday during the 48th Day Sitting of the House of Representatives following a communication addressed to that body by Montserrado County District # 5 Representative, Thomas Fallah.

In his communication, Rep. Fallah noted that over 500 residents of the Police Academy community in a resolution expressed dissatisfaction over the “snail pace” of work being done on the road by the Chinese Construction Company, CICO.

He further pointed out that residents complained that coverts and other materials procured for the road rehabilitation are allegedly being taken away daily by CICO employees.

He stressed that the S.K.D. Boulevard project is yet to be completed by the Chinese Company, adding that covert slabs that should have been placed over the drainage erected along the boulevard are yet to be provided and placed over the drainage lanes.

Rep. Fallah noted that these complaints raised by the residents demand an appropriate course of action, and as such, the Minister of Public Works should provide clarity on what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to ensure the completion of the projects.

The Montserrado County Lawmaker also said, the appearance of Minister Moore will further alleviate the growing misconceptions and distrust amongLiberians, especially residents of district # 5in Montserrado County.

“Road connectivity is one of the basic social assets to society’s movement in terms of growth and development of a nation and its people. The Police Academy Training Camp precisely is where the strength of our national security personnel is developed for the protection of our state. What then if this institution is not considered an asset and accessible to better road condition? What can we say? Are we concerned or insensitive to the plight of the Liberian people,” he questioned.

Meanwhile, a motion for Min. Moore to appear before Plenary this Thursday, July 16 was filed by Montserrado County District # 10 Representative, Julius Berrian. By Ben P. Wesee – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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