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Security Hub probes assassination claim in Nimba

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The Gbarnga Regional Justice and Security Hub in Nimba County has embarked on investigation into an alleged assassination attempt on the life of a resident of College View Community, Sanniquellie City, Nimba County.

Mr. Daniel N. Tokpah, a staff of the Nimba County Community College, filed a written complaint before the Gbarnga Regional Justice and Security Hub, alleging that on January 3, 2020, group of unknown men forcibly broke into his residence in Ganta City, Nimba in his absence.

“From every observation after the incident, those criminals involved were not seemed interested in material things rather to assassinate me. I should have slept on my compound that night from Sanniquellie to travel to Monrovia with a friend the next day. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for my assassins, I did not travel that day to Ganta due to mechanical problems with the vehicle in which we were to travel”, he explains.

According to him, he and his friend slept in Sanniquellie instead, and travelled to Ganta the next day on an early Saturday morning to continue straight to Monrovia, but upon arrival in Ganta, his nephew similarly called Daniel N. Tokpah informed himthat a group of men have broken doors to the unit where he usually sleeps in the compound, entered his bedroom but did not take anything, saying, “Only a knife was placed to the window of my bedroom.”

“I immediately purchased locks, and took it to the house where my sister MatinaDolo and my nephew entered the building along with me and we discovered that in deed nothing was taken from the house. There were PA system, big tiger generator, thirty-two inch Television, two hanging fans, a mattress valued $275.00, etc. and none was taken away from my room.”

He took the complaint initially to the Crime Services Division of the Ganta Police Station, which arrested two suspects, charged them with Disorderly Conduct and forwarded the case to the Ganta Magisterial Court.

However, Ganta City Solicitor Attorney Stephen Quoi,told the New Dawn he returned the case file to the police, with an instruction to conduct thorough investigation because the claim [assassination attempt on my life] made by Mr. Tokpah is grave.

Attorney Quoi emphasized that under the law, it is rather preferable to release hundreds of individuals than to detain one innocent person, so the Police should further investigate the matter, but quickly stressed that the Police investigation may last as long as it is necessary to dig out the truth and identify all possible suspects.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Tokpah expressed frustration that his complaint was being delayed at the Police station, especially after the CSD deputy commander there, only identified as Arthur, was reassigned to Bahn district, Nimba County. He the wrote a formal letter of complaint to the head of the Regional Justice and Security Hub in Nimba, (PSO) Adolphus K. Daniels, accompanied by full account of the alleged attempt on his life.

When contacted, Mr. Daniels confirmed receipt of the complaint and disclosed it was being forwarded to the Professional Standard Division of the Hub headed by Elvis Dolo, who will invite Complainant Tokpha for questioning.

He also revealed that the Regional Justice and Security Hub includes the Police Crimes Service Division, the court and other law enforcing bodies in the county.

Complainant Daniel Nya Tokpah–Story by Jonathan Browne

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