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Shame and disgrace

-Sen. Wesseh tells Pres. Weah

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River Gee County Senator Conmany B. Wesseh says President George Manneh Weah is bringing shame and disgrace to himself, showing that he is not governing properly by allowing disgraced Nigerian – born Ndubuisi Nwabudike to head the Liberia Anti – Corruption Commission (LACC) despite his expulsion from the Liberian National Bar Association.

“But if I had the chance to advice, I would say you [are] making yourself shame. You, Mr. President, you are bringing disgrace to yourself because it shows you are not governing properly,” Senator Wesseh told a live talk show on Prime FM Thursday morning, 9 July in Monrovia.

The Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA) expelled the controversial Nigerian – born A. Ndubuisi Nwabudike from the LNBA on Friday, 19 June, saying its investigation found that “he became a member of the Liberian National Bar Association through fraudulent means.”

The Bar’s investigation was prompted by Nwabudike’s failure to prove at a Senate confirmation hearing that he acquired Liberian citizenship through naturalization, as he had claimed.

But even after his expulsion from the LNBA, President Weah still maintains the disgraced official as LACC chairperson, a position reserved for a Liberian national.

Having worked at Good Governance Commission (GC), the Nigerian – born Cllr. Nwabudike who insists he naturalized in 1982 as Liberian, was serving a tenure as LACC chair when President George Manneh Weah appointed him this year to head the National Elections Commission (NEC), his third job in less than two years.

Until his nomination by President Weah to chair the NEC, Cllr. Nwabudike’s previous confirmation by the Liberian Senate as LACC chair seemed to have gone smoothly without Liberia’s weak system detecting any issues surrounding how he acquired Liberian citizenship which enabled him to practice law here.

Unhappy about how President Weah takes this matter, Senator Wesseh argues that even if you want to investigate, let the person sit down during that period of the investigation, because allowing him to remain in office only shows that “you got no regard for law and order.”

Further, he suggests that President Weah is too busy these days to listen to alternative views, and so sometimes, “they see every view which is meant to assist the running of the country as being opposed,” and therefore, “the ears are blocked to listen to those views.”

The River Gee Senator explains that he doubted an information provided by his own driver suggesting that there was a vehicle that had passed with a jeep ahead of it carrying armed men who were escorting the disgraced Nwabudike to work on Thursday morning, 9 July.

“I said no, it can’t be true. You know, it can’t be true …, it’s a disgrace to the president himself to allow that to happen. What explanation he gives. What explanation is the president giving to see this man go back to LACC and say, which person is he going to prosecute?” Senator Wesseh says.

“What investigation he can undertake when he does not have the moral standing? That’s why I say it’s a disgrace and it’s a shame. And it makes me feel ashamed because I know that, I mean, no proper government will allow that to happen,” Senator Wesseh continues.

Senator Wesseh discloses that the Senate has set up a committee headed by Senator Varney G. Sherman which is finding an approach to this matter.

He argues that President Weah is aware that Nwabudike has this problem, given the fact that it led the president to withdraw the controversial official’s nomination to chair the NEC.

Beyond that, Senator Wesseh notes that the LNBA did an investigation and subsequently issued a position, removing Nwabudike as member of the Bar.

“So technically, if you are not a member of the Bar of Liberia you would not enjoy your being a member of the Supreme Court Bar, you know. Your appearance before the Supreme Court will be questionable. So how are you going to function in this other position that has prosecutorial powers,” Senator Wesseh argues.

While expelling Nwabudike, the LNBA said it found that a perusal of his various passports showed his birth dates as October 19, 1960, October 2, 1963, October 2, 1965 and October 2, 1969. By Winston W. Parley

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