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Snowe threatens legal action

Bomi County Representative Edwin Melvin Snowe says he will take the necessary legal action against combative Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon, in response to  insults and verbal attacks against the lawmaker.

“And I’m trying to exercise restraints. I’m going to take legal action …. I’m not  going to leave that, no matter what. I’m going to take the necessary legal action,”  Rep. Snowe said Monday, 10 September via mobile on a live talk show on Prime Fm  Radio.

Mr. Snowe makes known his next course of action against Mr. Fahngon, days after the  lawmaker publicly suffered verbal attacks, insults and damning accusations from the  Deputy Information Minister.

In Fahngon’s video that he shared on social media, he is heard accusing Snowe of  tearing a police commander’s shirt, and ordering the lawmaker to “ask the damn law.” The drama ensued during the weekend when Fahngon verbally attacked Snowe for  allegedly attempting to release from police custody Kelvin D.J. Matadi, who had been  complained by Fahngon.

Fahngon had suspected being photographed by Kelvin while dancing at an entertainment  center, demanding Kelvin to delete the photo from his phone. In the process, Mr. Fahngon invited police officers and agents from the National  Security Agency (NSA) who took Kelvin to a police depot in Monrovia.

At the police station, Fahngon says he wrote a short statement and departed, but  Kelvin requested to make a call when officers asked him to make statement. Rep. Snowe says he came in the picture when he got the information that Kelvin, who  works at the Capitol, was in police custody.

Snowe says he tried making intervention by calling Fahngon, the NSA authority but it  did not help in the process. The lawmaker says he proceeded to the depot and got engaged by Fahngon, receiving  verbal attacks from the Minister.

After officers jailed Kelvin, Fahngon brags that “this is the CDC led – government”  and “this the new president that we have.” Fahngon says “this is not Taylor’s government, this is not Ellen’s government” where  Snowe allegedly made his millions of dollars of “stolen wealth.”

According to him, Snowe has been in government in Taylor’s time and in Ellen’s time,  adding that this is not UP government and this is not Charles Taylor government.“You have torn Liberian Government uniform, as a Representative; you can only stay  in Liberia,” Fahngon continues his accusation against Snowe.

He says Snowe would have been cuffed and jailed if it were in the United States. “Damn you, damn you again,” Fahngon says, telling Snowe “you are a Unity Partisan, I  am a CDCian.” Fahngon claims that Snowe ordered his men to forcibly pull Kelvin out of the police  cell, but the lawmaker denies this and Mr. Fahngon’s video is yet to show this part  of the drama.

“You say you a lawmaker? You say you a lawmaker? I will disown you tomorrow. You  will never be my representative,” Fahngon tells Snowe in the video. Pointing his finger at the lawmaker’s face, Fahngon warns that “it’s nonsense” that  Snowe would go at the police station and have police officers beaten up.

He says if Snowe ever attacks any police officer, “we are coming back,” adding that  when they are coming back “hell is coming with us.” “Because you honorable, the President will hear the story. I’m from the Executive
Branch,” Fahngon says and continues that “we are here to enforce the law.”

Fanhgon argues that he is accused by Snowe of taking Kelvin’s phone, but he insists  that it was the law that took Kelvin’s phone.In the video, Fahngon is seen insulting and warning the lawmaker to “never, ever try
that nonsense to me.”

 During the engagement with Mr. Fahngon, Rep. Snowe says he recorded everything  because he knew this day would have come.Snowe says he was not the only lawmaker being insulted by Fahngon, but he  astonishingly witnessed the combative deputy minister telling a CDC lawmaker Acarous Gray too that he fought for this revolution.

“Can you imagine Eugene telling Acarous Gray we fought for this … revolution. This  is a CDC thing,” Snowe says and wonders “since when” Eugene became more CDCian that  Rep. Gray. Mr. Snowe dismisses Fahngon’s claim that he (Snowe) attacked a police officer and  tore his uniform in attempt to release Kelvin D.J. Matadi from police custody.
Editing by Jonathan Browne –By Winston W. Parley


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