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St. Francis Catholic School conducts prayers

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-after mysterious casket appearance leaves 16 students fainted

The St. Francis Catholic Elementary School in Pleebo, Maryland County Electoral district#2, has ended two days of vigorous prayer sessions amidst alarm over mysterious appearance of a casket with skeleton in one of the school’s bathrooms, leaving 16 female students unconscious.

On Tuesday, June 2 and Wednesday, June 3, 2021, scores of citizens including parents gathered on campus to witness prayer sessions conducted by religious leaders for the school.But despite the two days’ prayers, students have been asked to stay away from campus until the situation is properly addressed.

The shocking situation, which occurred on Monday, May 31, 2021, left both students and parents in disarray and forced the school administration to suspend classes.Speaking to reporters in the county, the Principal of the St. Francis Catholic Elementary School, Mr. Danicious Weah describes the shocking situation as regrettable and worrisome.

According to him, since he took over the institution as principal, this is the first incident for students to faint on campus, while having regular classes and alleging that they had seen skeleton in the bathroom.Principal Weah notes that though students had experienced similar situation in the past, it was attributed to medical condition and medically addressed by the school.

“But as they have claimed of seen skeleton in the bathroom, it’s very worrisome and as such, the administration of the institution has viewed it as a demonic attack on the students”, he discloses.He further narrates that due to its spiritual or demonic nature, the administration contacted the Priest of the St. Francis Catholic Church to offer prayers for the students and the institution.

Mr. Weah recalls that similar situation occurred at another Catholic school – the Lady of Fatima Catholic School in Harper last year, when some students were taken to prayer home by their parents.It was alleged that some students at Lady of Fatima had terrible dreams of their classmates initiating them into witchcraft, offering them food and clothes, among other.

“It looks like a spiritual or demonic attack on our schools because when this same thing happened to our sister institution in Harper, the priest and other religious people, offered prayers for the school and students.”
He called on parents, guidance, religious leaders to keep the institution and its students in prayers.

At the same time parents of the affected students, have expressed fear and frustration over the situation, lamenting their children had never complained about any medical condition before leaving their houses early Monday morning for school.

“We want this thing to be looked into properly because similar thing had happened before at the Lady of Fatima, another Catholic School in Harper, for which seven female students from the 9th Grade class fainted, alleging that they had seen a skeleton in the bathroom, but the outcome of that wasn’t encouraging”, some parents stressed.

“We are now getting afraid because this thing is not happening at other schools in the county; why only Catholic Schools?” They asked.They called on the administration of the Catholic Schools System to find urgent remedy to the problem, while recommending that prayers be offered for both students and the institution.

Although prayers have been offered, other residents speaking to this paper in the district warned the school administration to handle the matter both religiously and traditionally, recommending a need to call in the Ministry of Internal Affairs to perform some traditional rituals, as it concerns spiritism.

According to them, the first time such incident happened in Harper, the root cause was never established so the Ministry of Internal Affairs should be involved to avoid a future occurrence.They stressed that intervention of the ministry is very significant because mysterious situations keep occurring on Catholic school’s premises.

On April 4, 2020, citizens and residents of Pleebo were dismayed over the mysterious disappearance of the body of an 83-year-old woman from her grave at the St. Francis Catholic Cemetery on the outskirts of the city, similar area where the school is situated.

The incident, which many people opined is the first of its kind, for a body to be stolen along with the coffin, was reported last year by the caretaker of the cemetery, only identified as Jlakah.“At about 5:55 p.m. on Thursday, Mr. Jlakah sent his son to inform the family that our mother’s grave was broken into,” Mieh said in an interview.

He explained that when the family went on the scene to confirm the report, the casket had been taken away along with the remains of his mother, a situation that was “very strange and sad for the family.”Mieh continued that he immediately reported the case to the Kru tribal leadership in Pleebo, local county authorities and the Pleebo Detachment of the Liberia National Police.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland County–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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