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Symptoms of war

There are symptoms of war, fighting and conflicts here, according to the Spiritual Counselor at the Liberian Senate Bishop Dr. Matilda GaiTarr.

She, however, indicated that though these symptoms may persist but affliction cannot rise for the second time.” Bishop Tarr gave the revelation Saturday, 3 August in Paynesville while announcing a planned prayer event due January 2020.

“Another move of God in the country that was vivid and I pray that everyone will not give the glory to [any] man, it was June 7. God moved. Even when the enemy wanted to shake, the power of God took hostage of the entire country for that day. The next day we all forgot that past. It was a nightmare,” she adds.

In the week leading to the June 7 protest cited by Bishop Tarr, the government here intensified security vigilance, with armed riot police conducting confidence patrols following claims that there were plans to cause chaos.
“Look at what we did 2017, we came together and prayed, we had a peaceful election,” she recalls.

Announcing a planned prayer event that is expected to bring scores of women from Africa and other continents to Liberia in January 2020, Bishop Tarrsaid the prayer event will be expected to run from 27 to 31 January 2020 at the S.K.D. Sports Complex in Paynesville to pray for the protection of Liberia and to educate leaders on why they are in leadership.

She says the gathering is not intended to raise funds for anyone’s pleasure, but they are gathering because they have a nation to protect and they need to educate their leaders on why they are in leadership.

“But we have to know what it is to have a mature leader and how to have a good country, clear of every stain, error and corruption in any form you want to describe it,” she notes.Bishop Tarrsaid “we can’t be in a country, we don’t love each other.”

She explained that the focus of the prayer is for God to give what he promised that “you will rise, you will shine and you will prosper in the land and people will run into your nation because you are blessed.”The Liberian Clergy woman said the gathering is intended to prevail on God to bring the above prophecy to pass, although she also acknowledged that prayers are being offered on a daily basis.
She urged the public to turn out from January 27 to 31 2020 at the S.K.D. Sports Complex for the prayer conference and put their differences aside.

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