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U.S.-based Liberian group partners with NEC, PUL


The National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) have reportedly pledged to partner with the Emancipation Movement of Liberia (EMOL) in the areas of Community Democratic Empowerment.

According to a press release, EMOL is a Liberian Civil Society organization registered in both the United States and Liberia as a non- profit, non-partisan community empowerment and peace building institution. It has been accredited by NEC to conduct voters and civic education nationwide.

Receiving an EMOL delegation in Monrovia, NEC chairman Jerome Korkoya said citizens’ empowerment for full democratic participation on community level after elections has been a vacuum in the country.

He said as a result of the vacuum, people elected to power take advantage of the electorates for whom they were elected to serve.

According to him, all citizens have the right to hold their elected officials accountable after election, and that said democratic engagement needs to be practised in Liberia.

Chairman Korkoya then thanked the EMOL delegation for the idea of educating the Liberian people about their rights to participate in the democratic process and hold their elected officials accountable after elections.

The NEC boss then pledged to partner with the organization in the areas of community engagement and democratic empowerment after elections.

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EMOL Project Director Aaron Manneh said election is an event, adding what comes next is EMOL’s major concern to sustain national peace and development.

He said the organization therefore intends to empower citizens and residents of all 73 electoral districts to particalize Article 17 of the Constitution of Liberia by compelling their elected officials to be accountable.

Earlier, EMOL Executive Director JarwinkenWiah said the delegation was in the country to launch and implement ‘MY Vote is Power’ project.

During another visit at the Press Union Office recently, PUL President Charles Coffey praised the vision and mission of EMOL and also pledged to partner with the organization in the areas of community democratic empowerment.

Mr. Coffey said PUL will partner with EMOL in building an enlightened society where citizens’ civic duties, responsibilities and the rule of law will become key in private or public life.
He said PUL appreciates the aspects of EMOL works where it will work with citizens, candidates and NEC beyond the elections in enhancing national peace and sustainable democracy.Press release
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