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Universities Students Association inducts new leadership in office

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The installation and certification of officials of Universities Students Association, a campus-based student movement at the University of Liberia has been held at the UL main campus on Capitol Hill.

Keynote speaker and chairman of the UL Student Unification Party Carlos Tingban Edison admonishes elected officials of the U.S.A. to rise above fear in executing their functions, while serving as role models for others to follow.

The SUP Chairman also calls on the newly elected leadership to work in line with the University Administration for good relationship and harmony to ensure a peaceful learning environment. He wants them to also partner with other universities across the country in a win-win situation for all scholars.

He encourages them to be patriotic and lead with moral in meeting the welfare of all students no matter the situation they may encounter.

Chairman Edison urges the all universities student body to join hands in unity and solidarity with others to build a peaceful, successful student organization that would serve as light for other institutions of higher learning in the country.

Edison points out that to lead others is a poignant decision, and advises that there will come a time that fear, apprehension, intimidation and other emotions will set in and that’s when true leadership is tested and graded, reminding officials-elect to at all times promote, defend and fully represent the interest of all universities students to tell yet that success story.

In his induction speech, president-elect KanuKanuMba of the U.S.A says he is deeply gratified for the opportunity afforded him and his team to serve the student populace across Liberia.

He urges fellow students to do away with ethnicity and rather unite in pursuit of academic freedom, stressing that he does not see scholars from various campuses fighting for college supremacy, but rather love, togetherness.

KanuKanu expresses appreciation for the independent election commission that conducted the election with high level of transparency and fairness on 17 May 2019 that brought into office the present leadership.

The U.S.A. leadership includes KanuKanuMbu President, Solomon T. Garteah, Vice President for Administration, Calvin Sanvee, Vice President for Operations, Amos M. Bongali, General Secretary, and Princess Sayon, Treasurer, respectively. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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