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Weah breaks grounds for modern market

President George Manneh Weah has broken grounds for the construction of a modern state-of-the-art market structure in the Omega Community, Paynesville.
According to the Executive Mansion, President Weah drew enormous support from ordinary Liberians, most of them marketers and peddlers during the 2017 presidential campaign.

The Executive Mansion says President Weah had promised to help in improving environments in which the ordinary people make business.
On Friday, March 29, 2019, he broke grounds for a market facility he calls the “14th [Gobachop] International Market.”

It’s a US$3.8 million project, funded by the Government of Japan and is being implemented by the Liberian Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE).
The 14th Gobachop International Market being constructed by BM Construction Company is expected to contain distinct compartments for the sale of different food stuffs and other goods, including car park.

If completed, the Mansion says the modern market will house 4,000 marketers and bring to an end their ordeal of selling their wares under unfavorable considerations that endanger their health, safety and their goods.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony, President Weah terms the construction of the market a continuation of the fulfillment of promises he made to ordinary Liberians, mainly marketers during the 2017 election campaign.

He says he had long empathized with Liberian marketers who make ends meet selling in scourging sun and under harsh raining conditions without a better place to transact their businesses.“I once used to go to cook-shops in this city to wash dishes as a way of being fed,” President Weah recalls.

Considering his own difficult time he experienced, President Weah says it has been his plan to change the lives of marketers once he is in the position.
“Now that I am in the position, I feel morally obliged to keep that promise,” President Weah says.
He notes that he is not a politician, but he is rather a practical administrator who believes in promoting and catering to the needs of fellow mankind.
He urges marketers to take good care of the facility when it is built and maintain it properly.

“It is one thing to build these kinds of important structures and another thing to manage or maintain them properly,” he says.

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“Right now, this is not time for politics. It’s time for serious business—for serious development,” President Weah continues.

He warns Liberians against listening to politicians that were given just “0.1% of your vote.”

“Listen to the one you gave 61.5% of your vote. My greatest preoccupation is to work for the Liberian people who have given me the responsibility to lead them,” he says.

In a related development, President Weah has announced government’s plans to provide 10 acres of land to the Transport Union of Liberia to build a modern transit facility.
He assures the young people of Liberia, most of them in the transport sector, of his government’s continuous commitment and support to improving their situation.

He mandates the Minister of Foreign Affairs to use his good offices to attract support from partners for the construction of a modern headquarters for the Transport Union. –Press release

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